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javier castillo

19 Nov, 2012 08:55 AM
The moon dips down and the world
forever casted in this lake of darkness.
No place of shining light
to guide me through the treacherous maze
of death, sadness, sorrow, and pain.

In this life,
I stand all alone,
only imagining to have a light.
I'll watch the devastation I have brought;
watch all of the people suffer
in agony just like mine,
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Tags: Life, Forgiveness, Lost Hope, Suffering, Agony, Alone, Pain, Despair, Sad
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Jen Eclipse

11 Nov, 2012 11:43 PM
Pain - distress or suffering; hurt

We all experience it.
Whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.
But what do we do with this pain?

Do we go and cry to our loved ones?
Do we openly show it?
Do we hide it from everyone including ourselves?
Do we hide it, but let the guilt 
eat us on the inside?
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Tags: Pain, Hurt, Choices, Life, Hope, Sad, Dream
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That girl

i. liranzo

11 Nov, 2012 08:26 AM
Those silent nights
Full of tearful star
Shining so bright
Filling so many lonely moment

That beautiful moon
That filled that void
While she sat alone in her room
Seen her cry so many bloody tears

Those dark woods
So mass
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Tags: Night, Girl, Pain, Moon, Sadness, Memories, Lost, Life, Alone, Tears
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Don't give up


04 Nov, 2012 11:06 AM
Sometimes troubling get us down
And leave us feeling bad 
Sometimes life -brings tragedies
That make us feel so sad 

It's hard to face the world again
When all your hope is gone 
But I know that you will find 
The strength to carry on

Don't give up or turn away 
When things are going to wrong
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Tags: Sad, Life, Moving On, Pain
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Life HUH!!!!!!!

M F Ali

01 Nov, 2012 06:06 AM
Thou life brought me out
Thou shall be taken out
Time spent in between is 
what life means all about..

Shine thou life as Diamond
Worry not the toughness
Life thee a trouble to be learnt
Till breath thou last...
Cry u accompanied with 

Silence thee u carry out with
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Tags: Life, Sad, Betray, Love, Friends
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This Dream Is Mine.


22 Oct, 2012 11:32 PM
Sunshine falls down onto the loose gravel pavement.
Reflecting up into my green eyes.
My 1960's Mcallister guitar case lay open,
full of imaginary bronze and silver.

The rhythmic strum of a soft melody echoes through the faint breeze down the way.
Autumn leaves drop in regular,
followed by a vagrant scent of timber 
from the above's towering trees.

A non-existing crowd fills in before me,
patiently listening to my words
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Tags: Dreams, Never Give Up, Never Forget, Live, Life, Lost, Sad
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Road I Chose


14 Mar, 2013 01:14 AM
There were two roads ahead of me long ago,
Labeled "Give" and "Take".
"Give" was drenched in shadows,
Yet someone said "Take" was fake,

So I chose "Give" to follow.
Since being fake would make me break,
I went down the path full of sorrow.
I thought I'd do it for my sake,

But it made my heart grow hollow.
People would take until I ached.
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Tags: Decision, Life, Lies, Love, Unloved, Sorrow, Sad
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You see me now.

kalie belle

30 Jun, 2012 01:16 AM
You see me now,
but I was never there.
It happened so fast.
But now I'm everywhere,

I'm the rain,
I'm the wind,
I'm the light that shines down on you,
I'm the rain that runs down you race,

I'm the shoulder you can cry on.
Even if you can't see me I will always be there..
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Tags: Death, Friend, Life, Past, Future, Sadness
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Our perfect disease: LIFE

Victory is for loosers

14 Nov, 2011 07:20 AM
You have it from birth
It lasts until death
And in between
It works at its best

It works from morning
Through evening and noon
It lasts and it lasts
Exerting a tune

Creating and giving
Not taking away
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Tags: Disease, Life, Problems, Death, Passing
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Love Life


17 Oct, 2011 11:13 AM
The day and the night 
The shadows in the stars
The light in the moon 
Sparkling as they pass 

The time is passing
And we are all fading
When the time goes by
We all die and live a new life

Think through the hours, minutes and seconds
Think through the present
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Tags: Life, Love, Hapiness
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