Just another prop


06 Jun, 2018 06:00 AM
With this last heartbreak
I finaly died inside
With this my demons
Have finally found their way back

I tried to run from them
Hide from them
But lastly I was the one
That showed them how to come back

But you made it worse
Ten maybe hundred times worser
I tried to live in peace
But you cursed me

With your smile
That beautiful bright smile
With your eyes
Those unpolished little diamond eyes
You where the one
That made my heart weaker
The one
That made me a light seeker
When I was stuck in the darkness
With no way of going back

But now look what happened
I'm even deeper down
In this shit hole
Guess that's my life from now

My lifes biggest mistake is
That I fallen in love
I should have know
That there's no going back

I should have kept it
My frozen stone heart
But you convinced me
TO give some warmth a start

And that was mistake
That I unfroze my heart
Look at me now
I'm just ready to die

I could cry non stop
But I have to keep living
So what's the point in crying
If I'm just another prop

In your lifes movie
That you direct
You didn't give me the promised main role
All you gave me is a raptured soul

But no worries
It always was black as coal
And instead of a heart
Now I have a black hole

But not everything's bad
I killed my inner being
So now I can be considered
Simply a demon

But not for long
This will end so soon
Guess I'm heading to devil
'Cuz heavens seems doesn't like fools

Just one cut on a wrist
One rope hangs from a ceiling
Don't be so agile
Life is so frigile

Guess now I'm done
There's nothing left to say
So this is the final goodbye
I'll never see you again
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MERCED says:
22 Jul, 2018 03:39 AM

this poem was painful. I cried cause I feel the same. I hope you ok.

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