Sad Stories and Sad Love Stories

This page is dedicated to sad stories of different kinds. It could be a sad story of love, loss, death etc. if you are feeling sad or pain start writing your own sad stories with us and share that with the world. Because in the end, only by sharing will we be able to live with pain and sadness. If you need advice to get through your sadness, just share your story with us and watch for yourself that how many people there are to give you a helping hand.

Aiden My Angel


18 Jul, 2012 12:43 AM

This story is not based on fiction or fantasy, but a story of true and beautiful love. A love that was full of life and color, that was never dull or quiet. A love that was truly one of a kind. We had a beautiful beginning and a wonderful middle sadly however we never got our happily ever after... Aiden and I first met in our Freshmen year of High school in our English class, lets say it wasn't exactly love at first sight. In fact we practically hated one another, we were constantly at each others throats and we were both too stubborn and hot headed to get past this strange wall of anger that had been built between us. Towards the middle of Freshmen year we had finally reached talking terms, and by the end of it we were hanging out everyday at lunch and almost every other... [Read More]

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08 Jul, 2016 10:18 PM

Normally I'd consider these sites as a depressing, useless waste of time that permit people to feel even more pain, but the message behind my story: it needs to be heard/read/ whatever. So here's my sad story, You know in middle school when you'd have that devastating crush on an older guy who'd just pass by you like you were nothing but another poster on the wall? Lol well, same. He was a year older, a new student, tall, very attractive, cute, with curly brown hair. During my eighth year in school, it was all still cute; just a cute little girly crush, until I reached my first year of high school. I thought moving to the building which was right across school campus where all the older people were would be the best thing ever. Right before Christmas on my first year as a high schooler I received a... [Read More]

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Just another sad story

Ally Mcciben

08 Jul, 2016 06:27 AM

Daily life of a mistreated teen, is not really acceptable. Love? Friends? Life? Should I live another day? So many questions to this puzzle in my head. I would tell only the truth and nothing but the truth. My name is Christine Mayor. I am emotionally scarred. Day in the life I've always been told that school is amazing, wonderful, and "dah dah dah dah". But it's not, it’s a straight copy of hell. One reason is because everyone is very quick to judge, and they never stop judging. Girls always gossip, boys lie to get what the want. You can't trust anyone with anything what so ever. But before I changed, and everything happened, lets start from the beginning. We had to chose our connections, some type of fun thing to do other than school work. Orchestra was one of my top picks...but sadly we start them in a... [Read More]

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Just Keep Hope


07 Jul, 2016 02:13 AM

If you clicked to this story and counted on reading it, I'd like to thank you sincerely for taking your time to read this, I hope to give you a valuable message and also talk about what I've gone through in my life. Again, thank you for reading my story and remember to hold on to hope and not let it go. It's about 5:25am at the time of me typing this. I couldn't sleep...and there are many reasons for why, because of the many thoughts in my mind, the nights where doubt my own strengths, the feelings I get when I feel all alone in this world, maybe it's just the times I see myself differently than anyone else, but the worst the sharp but empty pains in my chest I get at times. These nights have been going on for months and on now, and I think... [Read More]

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That White Puppy with Black Spots


03 Jul, 2016 06:21 AM

It hurts...every time. I try to be strong but once I'm alone is when I truly let it all out. I cry so hard, it hurts. This one made me cry even more than the rest. Want to know what happened? I'll tell you. Just another day, wake up, eat, then probably back to bed. I know, I'm lazy as fuck. Though before I go back, there is someone I must feed first. The puppy. That white puppy with black spots, who is too small and weak to feed herself. She's always cold. Her mother can't really do anything, though sometimes it seems that she doesn't want anything to do with her and only takes care of the little one's older sister who was in much better health. Everynight I let her sleep with me, though I can never sleep without worrying that I might squish her. My grandma and... [Read More]

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My Sister, Michelle


25 Jun, 2016 06:30 AM

Life is not a fun thing. Parents always make life seem amazing and cool until you realize what it truly is. My name is (Y/N) and this was my most scariest experience. During this time, I was only Fifteen. People always told me that I was a beautiful, young native woman and others loved my personality; given the kindness and respectfulness I was told about. Including my older and younger sister, and my mom. Michelle was the oldest. She was very wise, grown up and mature for her age. My younger sister Anastasia is known for how creative she is with her words, and how she thinks. My mom Stacey, is known for how strong she can be even when her world is falling down on her. These people are my family and I love them very much. I would protect them and do all kinds of things until my... [Read More]

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I Never Knew The Feeling


24 Jun, 2016 05:10 AM

I don't know what to call this, or what the point of this even is really.. I just know that these last few weeks I've been a prisoner in my own mind once again after fighting so hard all of these years to escape. Maybe by letting others know some of the things that make me who I am and no longer keeping them my own memories will help me from myself.. I don't know exactly how old I was when this happened, I just know that I was very young. I know that it was before I started school, so I believe it was around the age of three or four. That would make my brother two or three at the time. Me and my brother, were taken away from my parents at this age and put into foster care for an unknown length of time. ( Do to... [Read More]

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My Real Feelings and Thoughts for You.

Tiffany Wong

21 Jun, 2016 04:45 AM

When I wake up, the first thing I think about, is you. I get up and look at myself, but I see you, calling me cute and beautiful. I walk to my washroom, brush my teeth and cleanse my face, but I feel you, your kiss against my minty fresh breath, and your hands on my naked clean skin. I sit down on the chair in my dining room , remembering all the places I used to sit with you. Whether it's at a park, library, grass, or street. My mom brings me my pre made breakfast, and all I remember is how I want you to wake up to my cooked ham and egg breakfast. Once again, I head back to the washroom to brush my teeth. I head to my room to get changed, and I look at my closet. My clothes. I remember how I used to... [Read More]

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14 Jun, 2016 01:17 PM

Sometimes, time doesn't give you "times", its just once. Now, close your eyes. Imagine your closest bestfriends, remember all of your bitter sweet moments, remember the first time you broken hearted, the first time you kissed, when you said 'i love you' to someone, when you said 'goodbye', when you said 'sorry' and 'thank you'. Now, let me tell ya something, all those moments not all of it could have happened again. Learn to appreciate everything you have or had. I had a bestfriend at elementary school, she's like my own sister. We shared everything like kiss and tell, she know the worst part of me, so was i. But by time everything start changing. Go to middle school, find new friends, and moving always be the hardest part. And i moved to another province, left her. Sometimes, i missed her. But, by then i get used to live my... [Read More]

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Corvus In Absencia

Alex V.D.

09 Jun, 2016 02:30 AM

It all began one late afternoon in class. I was only in my second year of high school but I'd like to believe I held a somewhat different mind to those who I had the unfortunate luck of being stuck with for the next few years. I'd begun a small debate around my small circle of friends over matters that truly had no validity but watching a person argue something with no basis was very amusing. We moved around the room as our small debate raged on and on (Our work had been handed in for the day, we only awaited the sound of the bell to take our leave) until finally, we sat near a soon to be graduate of the school. She looked at us with fascination but she also partially ignored us, she preferred her music to any dull argument we could possibly ever conceive. However, the... [Read More]

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