Sad Stories and Sad Love Stories

This page is dedicated to sad stories of different kinds. It could be a sad story of love, loss, death etc. if you are feeling sad or pain start writing your own sad stories with us and share that with the world. Because in the end, only by sharing will we be able to live with pain and sadness. If you need advice to get through your sadness, just share your story with us and watch for yourself that how many people there are to give you a helping hand.

The Black Jacket

Synroplang Garod

22 Sep, 2011 12:20 PM

This is a true story which was told by a friend of mine who was 5 years older to me. He said that it happened in the year 2005 when i was still in class 10. He told me his friend whose name is Gareth was very happy with his girl friend Lisa. They would always spent time after class in a golf field near by. Every day Gareth would tell him new things about what they did, how they spend their day. He told told him he was in love with her and wanted to tell her when the time was right. He kept on waiting for the right time but, never got the opportunity to tell her. By the time he gathered enough courage it was too late, a letter came from the university he applied for long time back and he had to leave the next day.... [Read More]

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Mohamad Hidayat Bacho Muhd

15 Nov, 2014 06:32 AM

The girl that I thought that would fill my heart has crushed every bit of my feelings..she lied to me but perhaps I ‘ll tell you guys the story….it began when I was in high school. She was 15 and I was 14.She was cute, funny and nice. Every quality of a suitable girlfriend for me. We were in the same school but in different class since she was 1 year older than me. The only chance I can see her or talk to her would be during co-curriculum. We were in the same unit. I’ was her assistant and she was my boss not the supreme boss. Anyway my love grows each passing day. Whenever we meet, I would make some jokes and share good stories and every time she seemed to enjoy it. Sometimes when she had free time on her hands she would invite me to grab... [Read More]

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where is dad...


14 Nov, 2014 08:07 AM

A young girl grew up without a father. She smiled happily every day, but inside she was dying. Everywhere she looked, there was a happy, full family. A baby, mom, and dad. It was complete. They were happy. But not in her world. There was only her and her mom. At school, they would have father-daughter dances. The girl would always stay home. Her mom always told her that she was her "mom and dad." Eventually, she got curious. She wanted to know who her dad was. She walked up to her mom in her room and shifted nervously. "Mom?" The little girl asked. Of course the mother looked up. "Yes baby?" "Where's my dad?" The mother's eyes widened, before they started to tear up. The little girl was eight by this time. It scarred her. That night, when the girl laid in her mom's bed, and tried her best... [Read More]

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13 Nov, 2014 01:42 AM

Well, let me start of with ages. I'm Brook and i'm 14 at this time, and Will was 18. Four years apart, not too bad. We started talking in July of 2013. We met on a website called "omegle" basically, you connect with strangers who share common interests and hopefully build conversations. I still remember our very first conversation. "M or F," -Will "F, you?" - Me "M." -Will "Cool." -Me -- Haha! Soo romantic. But, we weren't into relationships then and there seeing he was from North Carolina and I'm from Ohio. We basically started talking nonstop for months on end. He soon enough became my best-friend. We would come to one another and vent about anything really. He was a total sweetheart and i actually started to like him. There wasn't a day we didn't talk honestly. We haven't heard each other's voice or actually skyped and i... [Read More]

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Monica yang

11 Nov, 2014 06:35 AM

“We, never existed.” The words kept replaying over and over, until I was on the brink of disgust. My throat was about to explode with the vile mixture of anger and frustration coming up, but yet, I kept it in. it hurts. “why?! Why must you do this to me? What have I done wrong?!” I shouted, as we were in front of my house. He says it so calmly; it irritates me under my skin that his face was all full on with breaking up, basically showing no sympathy. “FINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY!” I opened the door, and slammed it on his face, I don’t care if he was hit, or he comes up to my room saying he’s sorry, I want him to disappear, disappear from my world. “I have reasons, Marie. And I already don’t love you from the first day we started dating. I don’t... [Read More]

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My pain is forever.

The Unknown

01 Nov, 2014 01:34 AM

Jake. That's his name. Jake. He was my first kiss and I thought he would never hurt me. I'm not going to say our love last forever because I knew that wasn't going to happen. I did think he wasn't going to hurt me. He told me and I quote "I'll always be right here for you." A few weeks later, he broke up with me in a note. He left it on my door like a pathetic person. I was crushed. I acted so strong but when I got home I cried myself to bed. After that, he dated a few other girls and I dated some other guys but I was never really over him. He was my first love after all. Come to now. He's been in and out of my life. He comes around ever time he wants sex and I sadly give it to him... [Read More]

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The Story of my 11 Years on Earth


04 Nov, 2014 08:49 AM

Age 4- I made my first friend her name was Ariya and i was forced to be her friend. At the time I thought having a friend would be cool but I was wrong. She thought she was always right when she knew she was wrong. She would hurt me but she never bothered me.I ignored her for the longest time. But my dad couldn't see i hated her. I was a smart kid I knew ways to be crafty and get her away from me I got my guy friend Tyler to hang out with us and she hated him but I loved him And for a four year old I knew a lot I knew what rape was and I hoped it never happened to me and Tyler wanted me but he never raped me just made out by force but little did I know what he would... [Read More]

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Only if I said it Sooner


08 Nov, 2014 07:53 AM

As long as Henry could remember, the first time he laid his eyes on Sally in seventh grade, he instantly fell in love with her. He became good friends with Sally, but he was never able to gather up the courage to express his feelings for her. As high school came along, Henry moved to the other part of town. Henry went to a different high school and he felt the distance between him and Sally growing. Henry was a tall boy with a lean, muscular build. He had thin black hair and was the class clown. He was likable and easy to get along with. Because he was a class clown, no one really took him seriously. Sally also had black hair. She was not too fat, but also not too skinny either. She had a sweet personality that could make any boy fall for her the instant she... [Read More]

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Speak Silently

Hannan Ahmed

06 Nov, 2014 10:51 AM

It seems like life always gets in the way. Restrictions lurk everywhere; life is not enjoyable. I get hurt easily, I get disappointed easily. Life gets harder everyday. Even when I try to stand up, I fall back down knowing that I am weak and hurting. My feelings are indescribable, you could even say that my heart is literally ripped and torn; my scars are engraved with every second of my petty existence. I am isolate from the world and I am not planning to change that, I am dying yet I won't put up a fight... I am drowning in my misery, yet I won't struggle when I lack air. Time seems to be moving quickly then fading, I am left in the past wishing for something impossible... Wishing for my past to be erased; yet the harder I wish for it the more I get hurt. It seems... [Read More]

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No Mama, we can't leave!


05 Nov, 2014 04:42 AM

So it was really gone then. I thought that we could still stay. I really wanted to stay. Mama and Daddy really wanted to stay. Even Charles, who absolutely hated this place, wanted to stay. I guess anybody would stay here in Oklahoma rather than somewhere else, where they would have to start with a new life, new farm, new everything. But we can’t stay now. We wouldn't have anywhere to live. Because our home was gone. The big, mean people crushed it into little pieces. Although I’m hoping that a miracle will happen in the next few seconds bringing our home back. I really, really hoped, but deep down I knew that the miracle was only in my dreams. I guess that we could live at Aunt Heather’s house, but they will do the same to her house soon, if they haven’t already. It’s the same case for everybody... [Read More]

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