Sad Stories and Sad Love Stories

This page is dedicated to sad stories of different kinds. It could be a sad story of love, loss, death etc. if you are feeling sad or pain start writing your own sad stories with us and share that with the world. Because in the end, only by sharing will we be able to live with pain and sadness. If you need advice to get through your sadness, just share your story with us and watch for yourself that how many people there are to give you a helping hand.

Kissing air

Fallen hydra

30 May, 2010 01:43 PM

Kissing air You chased after me. I shove open the door with a deafening crash, slamming it against the opposite wall. You rise and call out to me, incoherent words and meaningless phrases. The late afternoon light is bronze and sears my cheeks without notice. The suitcase in hand is empty, barren and void like a desert; what do I have to take it with me when you've plundered and stolen everything else? The lonely dirt road is strangely unfamiliar but the train station is in sight. I stride towards it. You caught my hand. As you wretch my body to face towards you, your gasps surge down my face and your dark eyes distort, wild with fear. You ask me stupidly if I was really going. When I recoil away, you pluck me back again as if I am a flower that bends away from your oppressive wind. Staring... [Read More]

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Broken Heart

04 Apr, 2014 09:53 AM

some people are born lucky to enjoy their love life but some people are not. In my teen age ,i was in love with my class mate.People says falling in love is itself a matter of good luck . but it was not true in my case . AS she was my neighbor too , so most of my time i used to pass in her sweet company .we were so involved that year passed away very swiftly .i told her many times that how much I love her and i want to be with her .she told me that she also felt the same about me .i told my parents that i wanted to marry her but they never took it seriously they thought that i was kidding . time drifted on we became more familiar with each other .it came to me that she has a lot of... [Read More]

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I survive because , i have to die daily

Narinder singh (ricky)

03 Apr, 2014 08:53 AM

“Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love . Some are born just to experience the abbreviation of it.” The past is flashing its scorching light beams. Tearing me apart, breaking me at the seams. The darkness of my life is more visible in dark. On 3rd April 2014, Since past few days I was seeing the improvement in her, but all of the sudden she fell down drastically. The impact is so much that it led to collapse me. Being unknown from all that was happening, I was still in a state of shock. The truth was so hard to accept, but I could imagine her dealings and behavior towards me …. I hear all those cries of pain around me especially of my eyes and heart. Few days before she used to spent whole beautiful with me, but oh GOD! Who... [Read More]

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Love is

Ashley Coulson

30 Mar, 2014 04:59 PM

I had three friends. Eric, Cathleen, Carol. Eric was chased by all the girls in our high school. Cathlyn was one of those popular girls. Cheerleader, sexy, and stylish. Carol was just one of those plain and average girls but still awfully pretty. Cathlyn and Carol were both totally crazy and wacko over Eric. Cathlyn didn't have to do anything to attract Eric, for she was already attractive enough. Carol on the other hand, showered Eric with love and care. Carol wasn't ugly at all. In fact, she looked sweet and pleasant. However, she wasn't a cheerleader and she didn't wear spaghetti-straps or tubes. So like everyone expected, Eric chose Cathleen. While Cathleen was labelled as the cool and attractive type, Carol was just one ordinary and plain girl. Eric always insulted Carol. He was always telling her what a 'Plain Jane' she was and how dumb she looked. It... [Read More]

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The Way I Am


02 Mar, 2014 09:57 AM

We're exhausted and our souls have grown weary. Just like the clothes you wore grew worn, your soul also wears out. Soon, the tiredness will overwhelm all and there will only be a darkness surrounding the hopes of the souls' wandering. Does life matter? Does it matter? Does it? We ask this question many times. We struggle and frantically kick the air about us but we hit nothing. We're all alone. We suffers alone, and all we love, we love alone. Some love wishes are granted, and some are rejected. Some death wishes are granted, and some are rejected. Some hope wishes are granted, but some are crushed. The world we live in is as such. Crying out, "Cruel!" doesn't help anyone. No one cares, no one sees. No one sees the hand drowning in the midst of the wide diversity and assuming it as a waving hand, non fathom.... [Read More]

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Keep Breathing...


01 Mar, 2014 07:25 PM

I never actually knew or realized that I was a hardcore lesbian. I was a simple young jolly child who liked running and loved to compete with others. A typical tomboy like me was really nothing special, but the desire to impress females was a unique aspect of mine. I never understood that because I was simply ignorant in the early stages of my life, but I always hung out with the guys simply because it felt natural to do so. I played sports like guys did, teased girls like guys did, fought with guys like guys did, and just did everything that the guys did. I considered myself much more male than female and it felt good to impress the females. I just... Liked the feeling. In middle school, everything changed. A beautiful woman entered my life. It was in 6th grade that I fell completely in love with... [Read More]

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And So I Cut Again....


24 Feb, 2014 10:44 AM

As a kid, I always wondered why people cut? What was the intrigue in it? It never made sense to me. Was it to get attention or to prove something to someone? I just couldn't understand that. Why would you want to harm yourself just because of issues that can be resolved? Why scar yourself over someone who doesn't even know it, who doesn't even care? But then one day, I grew up. I fell in love and got hurt. I then realized the appeal to cut. I have loved twice. My first love lasted for roughly 4 years or so. Getting over it felt impossible but it's true, time eventually heals everything. People say nothing can replace your first love. I disagree with them. You can fall in love again. But loving again is as good as having a death wish. When you fall in love for the second... [Read More]

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a friends death


23 Feb, 2014 06:40 AM

I still remember hanging out with him it was like if it was just yesterday but its been 6 yeasts since his death. we were walking home from the corner store back to my house we had seen a black suburban following us on our way home we didn't really care so we just kept walking and talking. When we fot home we stayed inside my house until 1 am we went to my front porch smoking and talking about all the crazy things we have done in our lives. We had seen the same black truck pass by my house a couple times but we didn't really pay attention to it until the last time they passed. I saw them roll down the window and take out a gun I was too slow to react to it they were aiming at me and when he shot he got in... [Read More]

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The Mask She Hides Behind


20 Feb, 2014 07:35 PM

Every time shes with him, the world doesn't exist anymore. But what she doesn't understand is, why doesn't he realize that. To him, her love and her honest feelings are all melodramatic. She doesn't understand why he doesn't believe her even though he loves her. Why does he have to break her heart every time she smiles. Why can't he believe her for once. She doesn't understand why he takes her for granted. Is she not good enough for him. Is he with her just to have someone. Everything she does is to please him yet it just turns out to be another mistake to him. She just doesn't why she's treated like that. She cries for him but he doesn't see the tears. She begs for forgiveness even though she isn't at fault. She puts up a smile so that he doesn't see all the pain she hides and... [Read More]

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Part two, Twist in my story

Tina Adams

11 Feb, 2014 01:57 PM

It’s been over three years since Jack and I were a thing. And I still miss him everyday. Some days are easier then the rest and others I feel as though a knife is ripping through my heart. When I think of him I feel sad, sometimes even angry at him and myself, and other times I just really feel empty. I’ve begun to regret ever being intimate with him though I know it was our intimacy that brought us so close together. Why is it what once felt so right feels so wrong now? Three years, in those three years we’ve probably talked a handful of times. A few texts here and there at first but after a while even those stopped. Now the only time I hear his name is when I’m told by AJ the girl he once and probably still loves that he wishes me a... [Read More]

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