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the story of me

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11 May, 2018 04:07 PM

hello before I tell you this story let me tell you a few things about myself. my name is scott norman. I am sixteen. I have three dogs. I live alone. I live in a small town in West Virginia. I weigh 150lb I am 5'11ft. I have adhd, odd, add, ocd, bipolar, and depression. now let's begun my story.

when I was five I was bullied a lot because I was different. the next year I made my first friend. his name was Nolan sparks. he was the first person to be kind to me. the year I also had high blood pressure. I had quit soccer because I had to wear this heart monitor. me and Nolan split up after third grade. I had heart problem again. in the middle of fourth grade I was tired of being bullied, so I wrote a note threating them. they told so I got suspended. my "mother" pulled me out of school for 12 weeks. I was lonely. I misses people.

when I got back it turned out they missed me. my fifth grade year was when everything went to absolute shit. we had this dance like thing it was called the harvest hoedown. it was in October. this was the first year I was allowed to go. that weekend was the first time I experienced death. I last my dog Nikki she was 12 years old when she died. a few weeks later I was better. it was December 8th I learned that m7y grandfather had lung cancer. I didn't go see him because I was afraid that I would disappoint him. he was my hero. he drove plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. he died the Friday before thanksgiving. I regret not going to go see him. January 31 my dog died. his name was poncho. he had cancer which was common for white boxers.

after all of that I started going to a therapist. I quit that after four months. I was about to give up until I met hunter. he changed my outlook on life. three years everything was going well. it was the summer before my first year of high school. my dog peanut died. he was the first dog I owned. he was my best friend. I gave up on school at that point. I had 7 girlfriend that year none of them made me feel anything except one. her name was Sydney. at first I thought she was a slut. but the more I got to know her the more I fell in love with her. two months after me and her hooked up. I took her to my apartment. that night I lost my virginity. three weeks later it turns out she was pregnant. I was freaked out and scared, but me and her talked things out. she was a month pregnant when was had a car crash. I was driving she lost the baby. I had to leave her. before you judge me If I would stayed I would have gotten blamed for all of it.

two later I went to a mental hospital. that where I met serena ferrera. she was amazing. I asked her out. then we made love to each other. this time I had a working condom. four weeks after we both got out because now we both had something to live for. we went back to live in my apartment. we dated for seven months when I ask her to marry me. three weeks later we had an argument. I slipped and said that the world would be better without her. she left that night.

that morning I went looking for her so I tracked her phone. it led me to this motel. there I found dead. she killed herself. I wasn't allowed at her funeral so I stayed back and watched. her family hates me. I blame myself on what happened. I became a alcoholic afterwards. that was a month ago.
this is a true story I need help. someone to talk to. I want a positive comments please.

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