Sad Quotes

This page holds the collection of many sad quotes written by many people. These in turn will let you discover sadness. However the sole purpose of these sad quotes is not to make you feel pain but only to get you over it. These sad quotes hopefully will give you courage to fight and overcome the pain..

Sad Love Quotes

Sad love quotes are the quotes that describes love’s sad moment. Moments like death, missing or breakup these are the elements of sad love quotes. And in love there is always some sad moments. Which may always be very hard for you to describe but yet the feeling is there. But when you go through the Sad Love Quotes you will find out that your feeling is already described by others, if not take a step and try to describe your inner feelings and help others.

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"Watch me from afar, don't come any nearer."
Tags: Alone, Sick, Love, Pain, Hurt
People piss me off. They come into your life, ruin it, then think it's okay to just step right out of it.
- Instagram: These_sad_notes
Submitted By: mia
Tags: Depressed, Abandonment, Hurt
No one likes a broken toy.
- mia
If you fall down, don't stay down
Face the world on your feet and fight for what you believe in.
- Anonymous
Submitted By: Wolfy
Tags: Inspiration, Quote
The only time I realized I fell in love with you was the only moment I found out that you had already belonged to someone else.
Sadness is just darkness, where light never shines.
- kathleen marriott
Submitted By: kathy
Tags: Sad
"sometimes you just need to cry and that's okay. Tears are a way you're eyes express how hurt you are when you're mouth can't possibly put it into words."
Empty your desires,
Say your goodbyers,
Play with fire,
You'll get burned.
- Unknown
Submitted By: Aya Kasim
Tags: Hurt, Fire, Goodbye, Empty
I've fallen for you,
You've fallen for me.
Stay with me,
Just one more day.