Sad Quotes

This page holds the collection of many sad quotes written by many people. These in turn will let you discover sadness. However the sole purpose of these sad quotes is not to make you feel pain but only to get you over it. These sad quotes hopefully will give you courage to fight and overcome the pain..

Sad Love Quotes

Sad love quotes are the quotes that describes love’s sad moment. Moments like death, missing or breakup these are the elements of sad love quotes. And in love there is always some sad moments. Which may always be very hard for you to describe but yet the feeling is there. But when you go through the Sad Love Quotes you will find out that your feeling is already described by others, if not take a step and try to describe your inner feelings and help others.

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Best friends are there for you. But real best friends? They aren't exist...
- Feb
Submitted By: Fairy Tale
Tags: Truth, Best Friend, Life, Hurt, Heartbroken
Fake smiles, Broken heart, And you don't realise I'm falling apart
Distant, so far, destiny is selecting me
I can't be strong, life is disconnecting me
Now loneliness infecting me
Gone are the days, you were there protecting me !
- Dead By April
Submitted By: Dima Azazi
Tags: Gone, Alone, Far, Hopeless
pain will surely change you no matter what..and time will change everything.
Tags: Pain
All I wanted was just a little attention. Just one word, one touch, one connection is all I asked for..... Just so that I can live on, breathe, eat, and walk... Was I asking for too much in the end? Perhaps love isn't the problem, perhaps it is me. I am the problem for falling in love.
"Love is not about femiminity or masculinity. It's about having a deep understanding and acceptance of each others imperfection."
Tags: Fact, Love, Believe
I would rather lose you  a thousand time then to never have met you one time
Tags: Heartbroken
My friends are happy. I sacrificed all of my heart, my soul, all my feelings to make them happy. Everything I left for myself is pain.
People tell me to not give up. To not lose heart. But I can't help the fact that I'm unable to control my emotions. Emotions aren't meant to be controlled.
Tags: Emotions, Control