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If my heart stopped, would you miss me?
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Why is life worth living if there us nothing to do here im just a waste of time and space
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Dont look on the mirror and make a mad face ......... Hello your still living so keep it up
suicide is permanent solution to a temporary problem
- -unkown-
Submitted By: skye dalus
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In a blink of an eye, everything was gone. Everything was over, and no one cared. No one cared.
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Welcome back suicidal thoughts long time no see.
- Unkown
Submitted By: Lola
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I will never stop loving my mother and father, even if I am abused and treated like I am nothing, but there is always a time to end your own life. 
I love you all?? 
Goodbye forever.
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A person who commits suicide due to some other person or people,that is not classified as suicide it is known as murder.
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Each night I would go to sleep with new scars engraved in my skin. It wasn't just a habit anymore; it was an addiction.
- CrystalWolfTear
Submitted By: Silence
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The Pain will end, But the Guilt will kill you before the night ends.
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