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Name: Silence
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About Me: Each night I would go to sleep with new scars engraved in my skin. It wasn't just a habit anymore; it was an addiction.
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Sure Amon Bleiz! Feel free to use it (:
Broken yet smiling?
Thank you, your comment has really made me smile - You kind of inspired me to let go of my fears; because who knows, maybe it's my fears that keep depression gripping on tightly. Maybe he does like me, but is afraid to fall for me? Whatever it may be, I am sure that the minute I see him, I'll tell him straight - I'm letting go of my fears. I hope that someday, you may you find her again - or someone better! Good luck and thank you so much <3
For a moment I'm a poet without words; speechless cause she has loved me at my worst. She doesn't deserve this hell... She suffered enough on Earth. I am not a believer myself, but I shall pray that she goes to heaven; hasn't Earth been enough of a hell for her?
She indeed has died @i was once happy; I lost my best friend to suicide... </3 I believe it would have meant a lot to her @Uma and @shajar. If only she could reply...