Your World Crashed Down


23 Dec, 2014 12:37 AM
You wake to what seems like an ordinary day
Everything seems fine; everything's okay
You're out of the house; walking down the lane
Attempting to cover yourself from the rain

A few minutes later, you walk through school gates
Met by some cheers and greeted by mates
Conversations unfold; as rooms begin to fill
And slowly, and gradually, the gossip it spills

The bell marks first class, you slowly walk in
Sitting at your desk, you wait for lesson to begin
Halfway through, you realize I'm not there
Next to my friend, stands an empty chair

It doesn't bother you; you just carry on
Unaware and ignorant of what I have done
Break rolls in, you pass my friends talking
But you ignore the signs and carry on walking

"She's skiving or ill" one of them says
She'll probably be back within a few days
And so the question died, the day came to an end
As the messages addressed to me, began to send

"Hey, where are you?" and "Where have you been?"
Worry now began to slowly settle itself in
And so the next day, came and gone once more
But the same painful reaction I had to endure

The following day, a year assembly took place
Curious faces slowly filled up the space
The silence was welcomed in, as confusion arose
With each stabbing word, everyone froze

"We're sorry to inform you..." the sentence began
The world became muted, then silence just rang
You recall back to a few minutes, before they said
That I would never come back; that I was dead

After the speech was over, they read out my note
It was a goodbye letter, the one I had wrote
Everyone held on, to every echoed word
Your world became dizzy, it all became blurred

You remember the feeling, how it all crashed down
And how in your tears, you'd slowly drown
The assembly ended in pain and disbelief
Each person leaving, walked out with grief

Forced back to lessons, it happened to be
You had a lesson that used to have me
And you struggled dearly, so hard not to cry
Because you weren't ready, for such a goodbye

As the day dragged on, it slowly sank in
That I had committed, a terrible sin
And everyone stayed quiet; they stayed inside
My friends finally understood why I haven't replied

And so they left my name upon the register list
It's to remind you that my memory exists
You sometimes pretend, that I'm just ill or away
And you continue to tell this lie, every day

In our class, your heart is full of pain
You realize that I am gone, I won't sit there again
It hurts me to see, that I'm the cause for the tears
You'll forget that I'm gone, it's just a matter of years

So this is my note; a simple goodbye
A creased piece of paper, a short reason why
And now you regret, for ignorantly carrying on
Unable to think that there was something wrong

Days pass and you became ever so brave
As you stand in an Autumn breeze, upon my grave
Tags: Dead, Unaware, Suicide
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