loving you


01 Aug, 2011 10:56 PM
loving you was easy

it was all that my heart needed.

i never knew a love like this before.

Now i stand here all alone, as if I never knew you.

How could you disappear from my soul so fast?

Didn't you see my heart, cause i know that i saw yours?

It changed my life right in front of my eyes,

I'll never be the same from all I've seen.

I loved you with all of my heart,

now my hearts cold.
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michelle says:
29 Apr, 2012 10:20 PM

Love is such a easy thing to lose so when u are loving......love hard

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Rey May says:
08 Apr, 2016 03:43 PM

Michelle is right but, the harder you love the harder you are broken, I learned the hard way. Love is hard to find especially when it comes to looking for the right person.

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