Sad Poems and Poetry

Sad Poems are the poems that deal with sadness. It tells the story or expresses ones sad feelings in a poetic manner. Almost everybody who writes poems has written poems about sadness. It has helped them to understand and describe their feelings. A sad poem can help you deal with sadness and sorrow. This page is dedicated to all sorts of sad poems. You can even write your own sad poems and share that with the others.

Sad Love Poems

Sad love poems are always one of the best elements of sadness. Nothing describes a broken heart better than sad love poems. The poet’s poetic way writing may always find a rhythm with your inner feelings. And better yet if you are poet or at least feeling like one, why don’t you pick up your pen, in this case your keyboard and write your sad love poem to us. Your poem will help many others in times to come. Check out our Sad Love Poems section for some ideas.

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Day Eleven


11 May, 2016 09:11 PM
Day one, no sleep, one pill.
Day two, no sleep, six pills.
Day three, no sleep, sixteen pills.
Day four, hospital coma 2 hours. 
Day five, no sleep, no pills.
Day six, no sleep, six pills.
Day seven, No Sleep, Sixteen Pills.
Day Eight noone notices.
Day Nine 24 pills, ambulance, coma 2 days.
Day ten still don’t notice.
Day eleven, whole bottle.No more pills. Eternal sleep
Then they notice…
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Tags: Medicine, Death, Depression
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Cut Off My Tongue And Drown In My Blood

Abby Kaskaya

12 Feb, 2016 12:26 AM
Don't talk 
Don't breathe 
Don't think of me 

Tears down your face
Choking on blood 
Smiles in the dark 
You fall with a thud....
Your visions turns blurry....
It all happened so fast....

The thing you thought of last....
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Tags: Selfharm, Crying, Death
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the truth is

Daniel Bogogolela

11 Feb, 2016 12:00 PM
I know that I've never been
in your life.know that I've 
never showed up,know that 
I should've been there 
when you needed me but,
the truth is, you shouldn't
have had to wait for me to
show up.

As a parent I should've been
there and neither you nor your
mother should have told
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Tags: Really, Truth, Loving, Contacts
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Inside Her Head

Rebecca Chapman

05 Feb, 2016 01:09 PM
She goes to a place that nobody knows.
It's inside her head,
and she's all alone.
I'ts a very dark and scary place,
and all her thoughts are in a race.
She cries and screams, but no one hears.
She's fearing that the end is near.
This little place inside her head
leaves the poor girl feeling dead.
She hears "you're never good enough.
The life you have is way too tough."
It makes her want to kill herself;
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Tags: Depression, Suicide
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Rebecca Chapman

05 Feb, 2016 06:49 AM
Every time I close my eyes,
I enter a wonderland in disguise.
People usually refer to this as sleep,
But to me, it's quite a fantasy.
I close my eyes, and escape the world.
And nothing matters anymore.
All my sadness disappears.
All the pain, and all the tears.
This is how I escape my life. 
I close my eyes and turn off the light.

Hope you enjoyed the poem!
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Tags: Depression, Sleep, Escape
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Make It Go Away


09 Feb, 2016 05:12 PM
I had to block out the thought of you,
So I don't lose my head,
You never get in touch with me,
Even though I'm the one who wanted space.

Hate me today,
Hate me tomorrow,
Hate me so you can finally see what's good for you.

I've been sober for three months now,
That's one accomplishment you helped me with.
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Tags: Suffering, Suicide, Hate
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He Doesn't Love You

Rebecca Chapman

05 Feb, 2016 06:38 AM
He doesn't love you.
He never did.
But you believed him. 
Just like a kid.
He acted so sweet,
said, "no one is greater!"
But look at you now.
You're both just strangers.
The long hugs, sweet kisses,
All your history...
It's nothing but a memory.
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Tags: Heartbreak, Depression
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The Pain Within

Rebecca Chapman

05 Feb, 2016 06:31 AM
When things get bad, 
I tend to get sad.
I'm all alone,
left to cry,
and sometimes, I just
want to die.
I'm yelled at,
made fun of,
I'm stupid and weak.
I go to the kitchen,
and it's pills that I seek.
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Tags: Depression, Suicide
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Rebecca Chapman

05 Feb, 2016 06:19 AM
There's always hope in the world we're in.
Despite what you think, the pain will end.
After all the tears and lonely nights,
Just stand up tall; you'll win this fight.
After a storm, a rainbow appears,
letting us know that sunshine is near.
After you cry, you smile again.
The pain you feel will slowly end.
And when you fall, you stand back up. 
Even though it may be tough.
You say you can't do it,
But I know you can.
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Tags: Depression, Hope
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Your Last Goodbye

Rebecca Chapman

05 Feb, 2016 06:15 AM
What will happen when you say your last goodbye?
Who would miss you?
Who would cry?
They say she's attention seeking,
A stupid worthless whore,
But the cuts on her wrist say so much more.
Her thoughts are screaming,
"Just do it, they won't care!"
The life you have is so unfair.
Take the pills, pull the trigger,
Kick the chair away,
Because the demons you have,
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Tags: Depression, Suicide
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