Sad Poems and Poetry

Sad Poems are the poems that deal with sadness. It tells the story or expresses ones sad feelings in a poetic manner. Almost everybody who writes poems has written poems about sadness. It has helped them to understand and describe their feelings. A sad poem can help you deal with sadness and sorrow. This page is dedicated to all sorts of sad poems. You can even write your own sad poems and share that with the others.

Sad Love Poems

Sad love poems are always one of the best elements of sadness. Nothing describes a broken heart better than sad love poems. The poet’s poetic way writing may always find a rhythm with your inner feelings. And better yet if you are poet or at least feeling like one, why don’t you pick up your pen, in this case your keyboard and write your sad love poem to us. Your poem will help many others in times to come. Check out our Sad Love Poems section for some ideas.

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Paper Heart

Fiakfairok Zathang

27 Mar, 2015 08:31 PM
Endless love, resulted endless tear

Once upon a beautiful love 
Linked us together 
Your arms upon the shelter 
Where my comfort was
Your heart upon the sunshine 
The source of my life 

But like words upon the paper 
Your love disappeared 
When I lost upon the deep sea
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Tags: Sad, Broken, Broken Heart, Pain, Unforgotable, Life
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Never Too Deep


21 Mar, 2015 06:47 AM
She always cuts herself
But never too deep
Never enough to die 
But enough to feel the pain
Enough to scream inside.

But her mind, it is a nightmare
But you'd never think so
She smiles all day, so you don't know.
And it never fades away
Not until she's alone.
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Tags: Sadness, Depression, Cut
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21 Mar, 2015 06:42 AM
There are some people in the world,
Who are just a little different from the rest.
These people have been through Hell,
But have come out better than the best.

I've only met a few of these gems,
But each one has left their mark on my life.
We're a special kind of people,
Take life without all the strife.

Through every bitter situation,
Every ill hand fate has dealt
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Tags: Survive, Dark, Deep, Strength, Stay Strong
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Mary Jack

14 Mar, 2015 08:23 AM
I sit and stare
But the mirror just glares
Is this real
Or do I dare
Pick up the blade
From wich I took
I sign in blood
In my new book

I promise to
Remain true
That today I swear
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Tags: Suicide, Death, Sadness
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Goodbye my love


10 Mar, 2015 04:17 PM
I broke you and crushed you.
You said you are in a dark place.
This is a battle you need to fight on your own.
Who fights when you are no longer fighting.

Yes, I know I treated you like trash.
You wanted me to feel the same pain when I left.
And now I am facing the same pain that I gave you
But only its me in pain. My love I won't forget you.

All the pills I take they kill me each day.
And all the things I do, I cant forget you.
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Tags: Sadness, Love, Lost, Broken, Breakup, Broken Heart
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Hero of War

Jacob R

08 Mar, 2015 07:07 AM
Remember Back then
We Were Just Kids
Seems like a Lifetime Ago
I Love you Madly 

November has Come
You're so Beautiful
Now we stand as one
The best Day of my life

This is a call
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Tags: Divorce, War
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I'm Sorry


04 Mar, 2015 12:43 AM
I'm sorry I'm not a perfect daughter
I'm sorry all my mind does is slaughter
I'm sorry I never listened to the hopes you gave
I'm sorry I was never that brave

You needed better than me
I just needed someone to see
My life has fallen away from my grip
All I can do now is kiss his lips

I'm sorry I never tried
I'm sorry I only cried
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Tags: Regret, Sadness, Sorrow, Suffering
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Reluctantly Living

Dean Mulligan

02 Mar, 2015 09:57 PM
Reluctantly 'living',
dragging my 
rotting zombie's corpse 
through each blackening day.

Cursed with itchy memories
of my life with her,
back when I laughed
and could still breath
that glorious sunset air.

Now, each day grows
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Tags: Saddness, Despair, Lonliness, Heartbreak, Depression, Hopeless, Suicidal
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The Rest of My Life

jerry harrenstein

01 Mar, 2015 09:53 PM
I went for a walk into the night
and I passed a door that had an
emblazoned star painted white.
I turned around and went inside
and it was darker than the night outside
as I navigated towards an unfamiliar light.
I looked around to get my bearings while
I still had my feet on the ground
then I took a seat at the bar
and proceeded to light a cigar.

Whilst I sat there a woman walked in
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Tags: Love, Grief, Sadness
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