waiting for you


06 Mar, 2019 12:47 AM
to whomever was meant to be with my cousin:

a heart cracked in two;
the years of her life were very few;
she kept waiting for something new;
waited upon the hills of life and grass with morning dew

she was waiting for him;
the lights were very dim;
the boy ended his life because he thought he could never win

she thought it was a myth;
for the boy in whom she was meant to  be with; 
died upon the fifth

for what was the purpose of her life if it was not with him;
shed never see his smiling face because he did a sin;
the absence of his life made her heart very skim;
her heart was full of emptiness to the very brim

she never met him but his absence she could feel inside her heart;
for he was the one whom she was never meant to part;
without him waiting her life could never start

he made a choice that wasn't his to make;
it wasn't time to go and he put her life at stake;
even though all he ever seemed to do was ache;
it wasn't time for him to go and he made her heart break

as she waits upon the cliff of death;
she breathes her final breath;
she looks back one final time before she puts herself to rest;
she saw no one coming so she took her final step;
she didn't hesitate as she stepped off the cliff of death
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