Sad Videos

Sad videos could be of many different kinds. It could be a sad music video, a sad piano/violin recording or even a short video of a sad story. If you are looking for some sad videos, the videos below will help you out. These sad videos are all collected from internet (mostly YouTube) and are tagged. Choose a tag of your liking to explore and do feel free to suggest us your own favorite sad videos.

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love, divorce, breakup, hurt

The Divorce

This Woman Has A Request For Her Husband Before She Signs The Divorce Papers. What Happens Next Will Touch Your Heart

Tags: Love, Divorce, Breakup, Hurt
Votes: -288
life, love, death, animal

A life story

A life story of a guy and his loving family

Tags: Life, Love, Death, Animal
Votes: -89
blind, father, family

A Blind Father and His Daughter - Short Sad Story

This Short Movie Will Show On How Do You Love your Father So Much.

Tags: Blind, Father, Family
Votes: -37
shoes, unhappy, unloved

My Shoes

Atleast, what we can do, is to help the ones who are in much worse situation then we are. Don't laugh at them. Help them. Because, who knows... Maybe, someday, you will be in their situation. Or even worse, your kids. Humaniti exist. Be human. Not just a person. And most importantly, Be Happy With What You Have.

Tags: Shoes, Unhappy, Unloved
Votes: 6
child, missing

The Little Girl In The Hallway

The story of a little girl whom Jamie only met in the hallway

Tags: Child, Missing
Votes: 1
cry, sadness, pain

*WARNING* This WILL make you cry.

If you want to get back in touch with reality and if things are going tough for you and need a cry, this is for you.

Tags: Cry, Sadness, Pain
Votes: 0
south park, alone

South Park - Beautiful Sadness

The sweet is never as sweet without the sour. Raisins - Season 7, Episode 14

Tags: South Park, Alone
Votes: -11
hearttouching, sad, anger

A heart touching story of a deaf girl.

this is a really heart touching story ...... plz watch?

Tags: Hearttouching, Sad, Anger
Votes: -25
heart, teacher

deepest part of your heart.

A touching commercial that rubs the deepest part of your heart.

Tags: Heart, Teacher
Votes: -42