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A life story

A life story of a guy and his loving family

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Saddest but most Inspirational

This is too all the people who have lost a loved one, whether it be family member, or friend. Life is hard, we have to interpret the signs it shows us. Everything is so important even another life. It's sad to see them go. Just remember what they taught us. Love, Compassion, whatever it may be. Just know they are watching over you. I now dedicate this to a recently lost friend William Ivy, it doesn't correlate with him, but it gives the same message. R.I.P Accident victim, you will be missed by all of us. Thanks for supporting my hobby when I first met you, to now. I can't thank you enough. 1996-2013 This video did not feature me. This is an inspiring/sad/horrific story about a man and his long lost mother. May god be with them both. Thanks for sharing your story, you help the rest of us in positive ways.

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A cup of coffee

An inspirational video about our life and how we should see it

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