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Sadness... It is not something which everyone wants to be a part of. But then again there are some people like me, who are actually fascinated by it. They listen to sad songs, watch sad movies and enjoy every other element that sadness has to offer. These elements of sadness let us understand the mistakes and guilt from our part. In time, sadness occupies an important space in our life and perhaps rejoicing it, makes us appreciate our happiness… even more…

Feeling sad? Drowning in the ocean of sorrow?

We all pass a time in our life when we feel drowned in sadness whether we like it or not. It makes us feel like crying. And it is best to let our tears flow. No one has learnt swimming without ever tasting the suffocation and the desperate pain of being drowned. So if you have dived into the Ocean of Sorrow and tasted its bleak pleasure, do share those feelings with others. It is only by sharing, you will ever know, that you are not alone. That There are people around you, who actually understand your pain and have felt it too. And knowing this will give you comfort. After all being sad, is a phase of our life which molds our souls to mature.

We all have regrets. We learn from our mistakes and we might think back on them too. It only becomes a regret when you dwell on it and let it tear you apart.
I don't talk to them other guys, I feel like I am cheating you, you don't care if I exist. Who am I being loyal to?
" they say "everything will be fine, just keep hoping" but the question is when? how? what if already lost hope in the beginning?
The devil is real. And he's not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful. Because he's a fallen angel, and he used to be god's favorite...
- anon
"what is love?" he asked. "its a killer, but not the kind that sends you to heaven or hell. its the killer that makes you scared to get close. its the reason kids have nightmares. it's everything your parents warned you of."
"Remember that as you cut through your skin your cutting through my heart, and it kills me."
- unknown voice
If dream is the only place where I can see you,
the only place where I can touch you,
the only place where I can kiss you,
the only place we are prefectly in love with each other,
the only place you and I are together ,
Then If I
I can't forget you
I don't want to,
but I'll move on
because I have to.
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