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Sadness... It is not something which everyone wants to be a part of. But then again there are some people like me, who are actually fascinated by it. They listen to sad songs, watch sad movies and enjoy every other element that sadness has to offer. These elements of sadness let us understand the mistakes and guilt from our part. In time, sadness occupies an important space in our life and perhaps rejoicing it, makes us appreciate our happiness… even more…

Feeling sad? Drowning in the ocean of sorrow?

We all pass a time in our life when we feel drowned in sadness whether we like it or not. It makes us feel like crying. And it is best to let our tears flow. No one has learnt swimming without ever tasting the suffocation and the desperate pain of being drowned. So if you have dived into the Ocean of Sorrow and tasted its bleak pleasure, do share those feelings with others. It is only by sharing, you will ever know, that you are not alone. That There are people around you, who actually understand your pain and have felt it too. And knowing this will give you comfort. After all being sad, is a phase of our life which molds our souls to mature.

Love makes a girl,
Heartbreak makes a woman
Loving you was not a mistake, beacuase it made me who I am,
Losing you was a mistake
As it took away everything I ever had
If you cry over bruises then scars will really hurt you because if you can't take one crack then you won't be able to take a broken heart.
I really want to trust, care, and love somebody ...
But when I try it, they show me why I shouldn't ...
How long I have to keep this fake smile ?
I'm sad alone
no care in the world
once i'm gone in to the darkness
you can never bring me back
- -me ''Emiko"
It is no exaggeration when a human speaks the words 'im dying'. Because it's the honest, hurtful truth. Every human lives to die. In the end everyone lies at rest. By the minute we are all slowly getting closer to dying. Therefore, live the minutes and hours of your days
- Alessia Ng
I'm scared to say I love her because i'm afraid of losing her.
I'm stuck between being happy for her and being happy for myself.
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