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Kenneth part 2....


11 Dec, 2018 07:35 PM

Just writing this is gonna make me cry

It all started December 1st 2018, I went to my friend sheyanne’s house and I was talking to her brother about his xbox and then me and him just kept talking and then it was about random stuff but we just were finally talking. Well he started to show me some videos he made and I said damn to one of the videos and he said oh I’m curious now to why you said that so we started texting on his phone at first and he was saying we should hook up again.

I didn’t want too at first because he has a girlfriend number one and because he hurt me the last time and I told him I don’t believe In cheating you have a girlfriend and he basically was saying he was going to break up with her blah blah blah and he started sending pictures .

A couple days go by I don’t hear from him then on Monday or Tuesday of that week I heard from him for a bit then that Thursday I went over their to get my friend to go to church and he texted me and was saying I see boobs and blah blah blah well that night he was trying to come over at like 4am and I fell asleep and I woke up to 10 text messages from him and on Friday December 7th he came over at 11 in the morning and we ended up having sex and the guilt immediately consumed me.

Of course he felt nothing and enjoyed it after that night I haven’t heard from at all, it’s been three days since I’ve gotten any text from him well last night I took my friend home and his girlfriend was their I didn’t say anything just hung out with my friend then all of the sudden I hear moaning and I look over and he’s watching a video and I immediately knew who’s voice was in the video it was me he recorded us... I wanted to cry so so badly and what was worse he was playing the video in front of his girlfriend.

I left and came home and just cried I already hate myself for what happened but the fact that he recorded it makes me hate him so much more he hurt me so badly again. I couldn’t imagine ever going through something like that. I know he doesn’t give care at all what’s so ever but it hurts knowing someone can do that to you and you don’t even know.

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