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when they were 8 years old


05 Mar, 2019 04:53 AM

she met him when they were 8 years old. they soon became best friends. they talked nearly everyday.

when they were 9 years old they started school together. everyone in the school knew they were friends.

when they were 10 years old people started to tease and called them love birds. they didn't like it.

when they were 11 years old the girl started to get feelings for him, but she ignored them and thought it was silly.

when they were 12 years old the girl told the boy she liked him, but before he could respond she said it was a stupid prank.

when they were 13 years old the boy started to get feelings for another girl in his grade, and she had feelings for him too. she was his first girlfriend, but the boy broke up with her shortly after.

when they were 14 years old the girl got her first boyfriend, with a different boy from her grade, but it dint't feel right, so it didn't last long either.

when they were 15 years old the girl heard about the prom next year, and decided she was going to ask the boy to dance with her.

when they were 16 years old the girl lost courage to ask the boy to the prom. at the night of the dance she went to ask him but decided not to because she saw him dancing with another girl. later that night he saw them kiss in the back by the bleachers. she ran home and cried. the next day the boy asked what was wrong and she ignored him. he walked away feeling rejected by his best friend. they didn't talk for a while after that.

when they were 17 years old the girl apologized for ignoring him. she said she wanted to still be friends, and the boy agreed and they again became friends. the same year the boy was diagnosed with severe depression. the girl tried to cheer him up everyday and everyday she failed.

when they were 18 years old on the boys birthday the girl and the boy had a moment and she leaned in to kiss him, but instead the boy gave her a hug. she told him she was moving away next month, he said hes wanted to move with her because he couldn't imagine being without her. after all, she was his best friend. the girl agreed and within a month they moved into a small apartment far away and started college together.

when they were 19 the boy again got another girlfriend, and she stayed the night at their apartment, and his girlfriend slept in his room with him. the girl stayed up all night crying and didn't sleep. only a few weeks later the boy broke up with her.

when they were 20 years old they went to a party together. they illegally drank that night and they both got drunk. very drunk. the girl told the boy everything and how she loved him so much, and the boy told her the same. they kissed for a long time. they were both so desperate for each other. when they got back to the apartment they slept together in the same room. when they woke up neither of them remembered anything and agreed that it was stupid to drink and to forget that they slept in the same bed.

when they were 21 years old the girl was diagnosed with cancer. her death date was in 6th months. she dropped out of school and the guy and the girl moved back to their home town to be with their family. everyone was crying. one month before the girls death date she told the boy she loved him. although the boy had feelings for her as well, he was afraid to fall in love because he knew it was already going to hurt so bad when she passed and he didn't want to make it worse. two weeks before she was supposed to die the boy told her he loved her too and was sorry he didn't say it earlier, and he just didn't want to lose her. she told him she understood. they kissed and hugged and fell deeper in love. the next day the boy went to visit her in the hospital, but he couldn't find her. he asked the doctor and she told him that she had died last night. without a word he ran away in tears and hung himself from a bridge wishing he would have been their for her. he wanted to die so he could see her in the after life, but his afterlife never came. the boy and the girl never saw each other again.

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