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when they were 8 years old


05 Mar, 2019 04:53 AM

she met him when they were 8 years old. they soon became best friends. they talked nearly everyday. when they were 9 years old they started school together. everyone in the school knew they were friends. when they were 10 years old people started to tease and called them love birds. they didn't like it. when they were 11 years old the girl started to get feelings for him, but she ignored them and thought it was silly. when they were 12 years old the girl told the boy she liked him, but before he could respond she said it was a stupid prank. when they were 13 years old the boy started to get feelings for another girl in his grade, and she had feelings for him too. she was his first girlfriend, but the boy broke up with her shortly after. when they were 14 years old the... [Read More]

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i'm so stupid


15 Dec, 2015 01:18 PM

so i just finish reading a story called i broke my promise and i thought if (s)he could tell about the time (s)he had wrong someone by doing one of the worse things that you could do to someone in my case and that is breaking your promise and getting rid of an trust that the person had i thought i should get this off my chest and i'll feel better about it (mind the spelling i again said i'm stupid and have a great problem with spelling) a little back story. growing up i didn't have a good life but i try not to whine because i know people who had it worse than me. i got bullied day and night. i never felt safe anywhere my brother just thought of me as a toy and a pounching bag. he never treated me like brothers should he used me... [Read More]

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I broke the promise


09 Nov, 2015 03:53 PM

Before the story begins, forgive any grammatical errors and too much (or lack of) detail or woeful structure. I find that writing out stories helps alleviate the pain a bit. Skip to the last two paragraphs if you want the important parts; the first section just gives some background I had just finished High School and started Uni this year. Wasn't my first preference, but it was still a good Uni to be enrolled in. Here was where I met an interesting young woman, who I had initially disliked and tolerated solely due to her stunning apparent intellect. By the start of Uni I still had a girlfriend, and had been with her for just over four years by then, which was another reason why I found no reason to like this young woman at all. Halfway through the first semester, my girlfriend and I broke up. That tore me... [Read More]

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Left with a broken heart...

Just a stupid girl.

05 Jun, 2010 05:24 PM

I was a freshman in high school, i was so overwhelmed with everything changing. I was in our school musical. I still didn't really find myself. But there was this guy and he was being so nice to me. I know he was just being nice and wanted to be a friend. But i was falling head over hills for this guy. All during the rest of the year we stayed friends. I didn't tell him my feelings. I was scared he was just gonna put me down and we would lose our friendship. but one night i finally told him, he said he was honored, but i just want to be friends. And also he was in love with a girl that had just moved away, so i knew i couldn't push it. One night at one of my guy friends birthday party. The guy i was completly in... [Read More]

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two years


19 May, 2010 08:31 PM

once up a time, when i was fifteen years old i dated a boy. he was sexy and handsome and just everything i could ask for in mister perfect. he was also very experienced. i was in love about a month and a week into the relationship. although i'd never felt this, i was certain he was it. the months went by as we grew closer and closer. we shared so many secrets and so many memories and we laughed so much. i had never gotten past so much as a kiss with a guy, although i found myself getting in deeper and deeper into wanting more and more from this guy. so, i grew more attached. about two years had past, and we had spent nearly every waking hour together and so many nights together. and, eventually in time, i had lost my virginity to him. i was completely... [Read More]

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17 May, 2010 12:23 AM

his name is jacob. and he is love. i can't see anyone else besides him. 7 months of holding a secret relationship behind everyone's back. he made me feel. after my uncle and best friend committed suicide, i was numb. and when he came into my life, it was like i was reborn again. i was literally a different person, all my friends said so. he broke off what we had on march 25. i gave him everything that i could. and i mean everything; he held my innocents in his palms.. but he has crushed them. i'm not saying that HE is THE REASON i am so utterly, pathetically, insanely depressed.. he's just the main cause. so much hope was stored in what we had, and he was my everything. he still is my everything. now, he won't even look at me. going from crazy hot make out sessions,... [Read More]

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