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Left with a broken heart...

Just a stupid girl.

05 Jun, 2010 05:24 PM

I was a freshman in high school, i was so overwhelmed with everything changing. I was in our school musical. I still didn't really find myself. But there was this guy and he was being so nice to me. I know he was just being nice and wanted to be a friend. But i was falling head over hills for this guy. All during the rest of the year we stayed friends. I didn't tell him my feelings. I was scared he was just gonna put me down and we would lose our friendship. but one night i finally told him, he said he was honored, but i just want to be friends. And also he was in love with a girl that had just moved away, so i knew i couldn't push it. One night at one of my guy friends birthday party. The guy i was completly in... [Read More]

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