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About Me: you can call me well...night fang or mike if you like and my life was not a great life and if i could do better i would.
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assassinkinght19 @ gmail .com
hey i am so sorry i went through much of the same stuff so much in fact that cps relocated me if you need to talk shot me a email at
now i want to call my dad and make sure he's ok but i can't thank you for reminding me why i must love my dad
i feel truly sorry for you and wish you the best and i bet you can find someone who loves you and not dating you for fun. but not all guys are jerks. i had a girlfriend this year (had to break up with her) and i loved her even though i could only see her once a weak
tell the truth when u lie about that you get rid of that truth don't be afraid you'll lose the trust and that's not a good thing


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