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I miss u


09 Feb, 2019 07:16 PM

I was in 8th grade, you were in 9th. I fell in love with you right away in gym class. I started to talk to you and I really enjoyed your company.

One weekend when I was with my dad, I found your instagram, and started to text you. We talked and talked, then I had to confess my love. I couldn't keep it from you any longer. So I told you, and you said that you liked me back. We started dating and I couldn't get you off my mind. Your love was a drug.

Then we got to the 2nd week of our relationship we sent some stuff that we probably should've at 13 and 14 but to you, it felt right and I wanted to keep you happy with me. The next week in school we started to make out before 1st period when we both had Spanish.

Then around Christmas time you told me that you cheated on me. And that you felt really bad and you didn't know what you were doing/thinking, that you cried yourself to sleep because you felt like shit for doing it. You told me that the girl (who was also in my gym class, so she knew we were dating) did it as a joke, lied to you saying that her dog died recently, and her dad had cancer. I was sad that you did that. Then you told me that you thought of killing yourself. I couldn't leave you. I felt terrible for even thinking about it. Then I said it was ok and that was that.

About 5 weeks later, things began to go downhill.

We skipped gym on Wednesday and we did some stuff. The next day I loved you even more although I thought we were going to get in serious trouble. Then you comforted me by saying that we won't get in trouble and if we do that you would take the blame for it and say you forced me to.

We didn't get caught.????

Then about 2 weeks later we made out again, we were late to 1st period. But that's ok. I said I couldn't get my locker open. But you asked me to do something I never would've done. I'm not going to say it though because that's not appropriate. But I said no and then you gave me that sad face whenever I say no. So I did it and regretted it.

2nd period came by and I was talking to my best friend about what happened and she made me think that you were cheating on me with the other girl again for the 2nd time. She also told me that I shouldn't be with you if your just going to control me. So I asked her to break up with you for me because I would probably be a pussy about it and start to cry. So I went to her lunch and she did it on instagram.

We had gym and you wouldn't go in. Maybe it was because of me? I don't know. And don't think I didn't notice because I did. ???? you were told to go in and eventually you did. I felt really bad and regretted it.

For tue rest of the week I tried to talk to you and tell you why I did it. But you only ignored me. So I texted you like 10 times but you didn't respond. And now I'm depressed. No joke. I just want to be with you again

You made me so happy and now I can barely even force a smile. It's still the same year and were still in gym together. So I hope we can still get back together and maybe make it work this time. I still love you and always will.

If your reading this, I hope we can restart.????????

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