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Stars and Cars


04 Nov, 2016 01:38 AM
His name was Mars
Mars was on the edge
Watching stars and cars
Wanting to go over the ledge
Missing none of his memories
Wanting them erased
He said "Help me please,
This isn't my place!"
He lived on
He needed to love
He held the sun
Sun above
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Michael Lipps

04 Oct, 2016 02:12 PM
I feel numb and alone
Life is dark and unfeeling
I remember seeing that corpse
Nothing but bones and remnants of flesh
Blackened and shriveled by the elements of time and nature
Skin once once warm and soft
Now ice cold to the touch
Everything this person was
And could’ve been
Is gone
To another place
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17 Jul, 2016 08:49 PM
Gone, the best time of my life
the loss I have, I now visualize
it is gone now, and so are you
at heavens gate, you now pass through

You thought you'd leave none behind
but at the the time, you were so blind
reckless, sad and so wrong
but still, you're gone

We could have cured your depression
just by one simple question
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24 May, 2016 01:03 PM
She sits in the shower letting it steam up in past and present future,
Wondering if she will ever be forgiven.
She does not know how to forgive herself, nor others,
But hopes she can.
Years of torture for herself causing herself her own harm based upon her issues.
No One listening to hear her scream from the inside out. 
Best friends move on at the wrong time in her life.
She is left with nothing.
Hours pass by sitting in the shower, 
Crying and sobbing over something that’s tormented her for years
Thinking whether or not she could get the courage to ask for forgiveness.
But instead few more hours still in shower it turns cold.
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One Last Word


10 May, 2016 06:10 PM
The last words
they haunted me
I heard your voice
like a eerie ghost that won't go away
I still remember you 

Your eyes
Your face
and the last time I saw you in the hospital
Sick, your face still shining of happiness
as if committing suicide was ok
It's not like it didn't hurt anyone else
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Kill Me Please!

timothy long

06 Apr, 2016 03:50 PM
i just want to cry, 
why won't you let me die, 
kill me please as i can not kill myself, 
im dead for all i know, 
its a masterpiece to die accepting this fate, 
is it courage or sadness mixed in, 
without kicking or screaming, 
isnt that the type of man you want to live? 
not as good in the end i suppose, 
i will die someday, 
maybe not today or this year, 
but by my hand i will,
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Tags: Death, Love, Sadness, Suicide, Mad
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Man of The World

timothy long

06 Apr, 2016 03:48 PM
Foolish children is what i say, 
reckless love's made me rue every day, 
fuck you, 
no one has a clue, 
live my life and you'll kill yourself to, 
you'll have to get to know me, 
maybe it will get better one day, 
but im not exist in a world so gray, 
im dead anyway, 
why must these thoughts ring true, 
why cant i be you, 
i have nothing while you have something,
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Tags: Sadness, Death, Suicide, Loss, Crying, Tears, Peace, Greif, Love
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Love of my lie


30 Mar, 2016 06:18 PM
Getting lost
Feeling hurt
Having your heart ripped apart
Loving hurts
You said you loved me
You said you cared for me
What you actually meant
You used me
I'm your tool
Love is a trap
Love destroys people
Love is a drug
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Tags: Sad, Suicide, Death, Depression, Hurt, Heartbroken
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Rebecca Chapman

05 Feb, 2016 01:25 PM
Your mom says you're fat.
Your friends say don't eat.
Don't they realize it's happiness you seek?
You're sad all the time,
and don't want to live.
Do they just ignore the signs that you give?
You sleep all the time, 
and don't want to get up.
Because sometimes you think 
a little too much.
You hold back tears,
and fake a smile;
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Tags: Depression, Suicide, Sadness
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Inside Her Head

Rebecca Chapman

05 Feb, 2016 01:09 PM
She goes to a place that nobody knows.
It's inside her head,
and she's all alone.
I'ts a very dark and scary place,
and all her thoughts are in a race.
She cries and screams, but no one hears.
She's fearing that the end is near.
This little place inside her head
leaves the poor girl feeling dead.
She hears "you're never good enough.
The life you have is way too tough."
It makes her want to kill herself;
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