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A Word That Start With S

Dayna Samuels (age 14)

01 Sep, 2011 10:33 PM
he's walking
he's treading quickly
towards the big oak tree
where she said she'd meet him

there's an anxious smile on his lips
a single blood red rose
clutched in his sweaty palms
and a little velvet box
which held a ring of gold and ruby
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Tags: Heartbreak, Suicide, Horror, Dark, Love
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15 Jul, 2011 07:30 AM
The knife upon which I so strongly hold,
The grave thoughts race as I was told,

Within so deep I wish to penetrate,
Feelings have come as I begin to shake,

The lives I've spent and taken away,
Will all be repaid in this mournful way,

These hands of mine grip oh so tight,
The closing eye see such a beautiful light,
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Tags: Death, Suicide
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MaskOfHappinessSoulOf Despair

21 Jun, 2011 07:13 PM
Goodbye my love why did god take you away?
Why my love did you have to take your life
Why didn't I try to contact you sooner
Why couldn't it be my arms wrapped around your neck
and not a nose
Why wasn't I not there to comfort you
I need to feel your touch
 I need to taste your sweet lips
instead of bitter salty tears 
I need to hear you say you love me
When your mother told me  you died that terrible night I was devastated
I miss you baby
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Tags: Suicide, Depression, Love Gone Wrong
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19 Jun, 2011 07:21 PM
I'm sitting here alone
alone in here today,
The pain I feel inside
is replayed everyday,
This past life haunts me,
Every minute
All I do is pain for this,
Crying here,
onto the floor,
Weaving it's way
underneath the door,
You see my tears
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Tags: Pain, Longing, Suicide, Blood, Death, Blind, Tears, Love, Loss
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Alone In Sadness

Aurore Cagnjer

05 Jun, 2011 05:49 PM
I live in regret
I cannot stay strong
Maybe tomorrow
I can move on

Nothing is changing
My life is a lie
Others' lives will be better
The sooner I die

Never freedom
Falling down
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Tags: Sad, Suicide
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What is it?


10 Apr, 2011 08:50 PM
What is it that keeps me from them
my nose
my hair
my skin
my eyes
What is it that makes me fear
my father
her boyfriends
being ridiculed
what is it that makes me cry
the looks
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Tags: Sad, Emo, Suicide, Pain
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Scilence, without a word

Allyssa Anderson

28 May, 2010 08:44 PM
Without a word.
Walk without a word,
Sleep without a word,
Live my life in silence. 
Cease to exist because my soul belongs to Satan,
 for he it?s the highest emblem of life as I know.
I can?t just sit here and act like nothing is wrong with my life.
?HAIL SATAN!? I cry 
A cigarette in the crystal ash tray?
It?s dark in this the abandon room this abandoned house is only lit by
 moon light.
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Tags: Pain, Suicide, Suffering
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