What is it?


10 Apr, 2011 08:50 PM
What is it that keeps me from them
my nose
my hair
my skin
my eyes
What is it that makes me fear
my father
her boyfriends
being ridiculed
what is it that makes me cry
the looks
the loneliness
the emptiness
the pain
Why do i stare at the steel
to ease the pain
to think
to pray
to want
What makes me put the blade down
my family
my friends
hope for new beginnings
new life
what makes me pick the blade right back up again and burrow it into my flesh.
The hate
The pain
The emotions
Tags: Sad, Emo, Suicide, Pain
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Jayjayz says:
07 May, 2012 01:45 AM

Thats really amasing, diferent type of peom but i like it:)

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Confusion says:
20 Aug, 2015 01:32 PM

Itz different bt i love it

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