Aina Grace Mission

08 Oct, 2010 09:54 PM
I can still remember the moments
when I've been with the most special person in my life
he makes me laugh
when everything seems to be dull
makes me remember
when things seem to be forgotten
he makes me dream
when there seems to be no hope
he makes me love
when almost everyone thinks it will only bring pain....

i can still remember the moments
when i've been with the most unforgettable person
who kisses my forehead and hold my hand
whispers in my ear not to let go
when he promises me nothing
yet i  am still holding on
when he kiss my lips
and unusually describes the sweetness of it..

i can still remember the moments
when i was deeply in love with him
with all the memories
shared by a person who cant be like anybody else..
and when the time that he left,
i still grip to the steadfast love
in the innermost recesses of my heart
yes, he left,
but with all those memories
tell me,
how can i let this love fade away????
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Ainz says:
24 Oct, 2010 11:51 AM

best...... hheheehehehe

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Sonu Singh says:
30 Oct, 2017 04:23 PM

Yes, I'm in love with a very very very special girl. Pratiksha Satpathy whom i love from my core of my Heart and want to become her partner in every situations and everything she wanted to do in her life. I belong to a middle class family and she too. But we both want a mass height of success in our life.... She's my Love She's my Life. I LOVE YOU BAE.

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