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awe David! thank you :) and i am trying to get over that guy and move on with my life im tired of being his second choice. time to find me a new love hehe!
i know how you feel the guy i wrote the poem about is the love of my life but he is with someone new but keeps telling me that he still loves me and he still wants a future with me. he plays with my heart on a daily bases and i dont know how to stop it. I keep saying that im trying to get over him and that im moving on but each time he looks about me i forget all about everyone else in the world. So i really wish i could help you Zoe but all
i can really relate to this poem, i hide from my true feelings all the time, it hurts way too much to show anyone so i keep to myself.
yea i culdnt say those words to him though, i was way to scared to show him the poem


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