Dear Depression

Ben Vanhook

19 Jul, 2017 11:13 PM
Dear Depression,

Why do you still haunt me?
You’re a selfish jerk
I just long to be free
Yet forever you will lurk
You just want attention
Like a little child
I know your intention
And I want you exiled

You’ve been in my head
And you’ve gone way too far
Like paper you would shred
And leave a burning scar

You bring worry and fear 
To all of those around
You give nothing to cheer
As you send me homeward bound

But you bring me solace
In that I’m not alone
You think your plan is flawless
And that I’ve made you a home

I didn’t know who you were
Until you came inside
How you came is all a blur
You were like a widowed bride

You’d enter as you wish 
And waltz throughout my hall
My thoughts, your very dish
Silent voices you then call

You came fast as a dart
But then you plagued my mind
How did this all start?
Was I really this blind?

You came in so swift
But then refused to go
While patience is my gift
You’ve become my bitter foe

Oh the thief you were
Stealing all my hope
You used to reassure
The key to life’s a rope

You have amazing power
And you’ve the strength to kill
You kill many in an hour
For or against their will

Don’t take me as your groom
I’ll stand stiff and strong
Although my mind’s your room
You won’t stay there long

A plague that spreads like fire
A leader overthrown
But with the situation dire
You're all I’ve ever known


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