Ian Yahnke

01 Nov, 2017 01:27 AM
Oh my god 
I wanna fucking die 

I'm lost in the sky 
Why do I even try 

Yeah I get drunk  
And yeah I get high

Every time you see me
I’ve got bloodshot eyes 

You tell me that you care 
But you're never fucking there 

I'm a fucking demon baby
But no I'm not scared 

Kill me in your dreams 
Life's not what it seems 

I wish that I could make it through
But I don't have the means 

Save all your sympathy 
You know it don't mean shit to me 

Don't give me all your bullshit 
Don't wanna fucking deal with it 

You say it's meant to be this way 
Can't live with myself today 

So give me drugs to numb the pain 
I feel like I've gone insane 

Just put me on the next plane 
I run from all my fucking shame 

You said that I'm the one to blame 
Don't know why you even came

Hate myself, yeah it's true 
I don't know what else to do

So put a bullet in my brain 
Only way to kill the pain 

You ask me why I act this way
But I’ve got nothing left to say
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