Abigail's Poem


03 Aug, 2017 06:24 PM
I wish I could talk to you,
and beg you not to go.
I wish I asked what you were going through,
but now I'll never know

I wish that I had some warning of what you'd do that night,
and that you'd given me a chance to save you,
to help you make things right.

I wish that you could've soldiered on,
and worked through the pain.
If you had, I promise you
you would've been happy one day.

I wish that the last time I saw you 
I didn't rush away.
I wish that I had hugged you harder that day,
and told you I loved you that day.

I wish that I could bring you back to see you one last time,
to hug you close, to hear your voice,
and then the world would be fine.

But all these things can't ever happen,
the nightmares are all about you.
There's not one thing I can change,
because these wishes will never come true.
Tags: Death, Suicide
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