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A cut to deep


07 Mar, 2017 01:20 AM
She never cries, just stares blankly 
Alone in her room, with music playing 
She craves his touch, the feeling’s to much
She grips the blade, her skin starts to fade
A cut to deep could end the pain
That’s the only thing that’s keeps her sane.

Blood drips from her body as she sighs in relief 
The mess on the floor are signs of a thief
Depression and anxiety has settled in  
She fights a battle she thinks she can’t win
Despite the pain she keeps on smiling
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Tags: Self Harm, Cutting, Self Hate, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Alone
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Amanda Raven

26 Jul, 2016 05:10 PM
the tears will never stop falling.
visible or not.
but losing someone.
that you loved deeply.
the death you feel.

the pain you gain from the love you lost.
and the sharpness against your skin.
the red streams that flows continuously.
when you ease my pain.
all guilt flies away.
when the new love remains.
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Tags: Pain, Loss, Love, Cutting, Crying
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samantha jane osborn

21 Nov, 2015 08:01 PM
My body is a battlefield,
My knife the grenade,
My hands getting ready,
My wrists for the pain.

My mouth to fake a smile,
Which you all believe,
One day I will do it,
You’ve done your bit,
You guys don’t care,
My life isn’t fair.
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Tags: Suicide, Cutting, Sad Poems, Lost
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Once more ~


09 Nov, 2015 05:49 PM
Don't be afraid. I'm just a little crazy and insane. 
After all I  won't ever be the same.
It's not a lie. 
It's always once more, until you die. 

Just a tear, just a scream.
oh, who would ever want to be here?
It's not a life.
It's always once more, until you find a knife. 

Light  or darkness, i don't care.
I was crying and you just stood there.
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Tags: Sadness, Poem, Pain, Cut, Cutting, Painful, Love
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The End Is Near


02 Aug, 2015 05:22 PM
The end is near,
For my fellow friend,
For he shall soon,
Be bleeding bad,

As the demons stalk him,
Under the moonlight,
He is strong now,
But his strength will fade,
As soon as he finds the right blade,
He will cut, and cut again,
Wailing for the pain to end,
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Tags: Depression, Cutting, Suicide
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I know that it will be my last


03 Oct, 2014 05:56 AM
She smells like the sands of time
And is funny without ever being mean
I know that she's a dime

But I can't stop this feeling
I got my bottle of Jack
Then there's a sudden bleeding
In this abrasive room of black
I create a certain kind of seeing

Maybe I should care
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Tags: Last, Lost, Loneliness, Longing, Letting Go, Leaving, Lie, Death, Depression, Darkness
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The razor is the only one who cares

kendra tinch

29 Sep, 2014 04:52 PM
The razor is my only hope
The razor is my only friend
The razor is the only one who has been there for me until the end
Even the voices in my head agree that I'm alone
So here I write this poem to let everyone know
I'm done with life, I'm done with the pain
Now no one will hurt me every again

I remember the time when I didn't even know that the razor was there
A time when for once others were there
But once they realized what I am instantly I was left alone
In each and every cut I feel my self slip away
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Tags: Cutting, Hurt, Pain
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Jordan Border

18 Sep, 2014 04:12 AM
two, three, four,
here I sit on the floor
You laugh and walk away
Not knowing today's the day
That I leave you all in dust
And take the knife lined with rust
I start out thin and go so slow
Tonight the blood will stain the snow
And I'll leave all to face the sun
Now tomorrow your sins will weigh a ton 
goodnight cruel life
Out of my hand now slips the knife
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Tags: Emo, Cutting, Death
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Who Did This?

Sabrina Tarasca

30 May, 2014 12:19 AM
You see me doing this,
And you want to meet
The people who are
Doing this to me.
It’s not their fault!
I swear this is true!
Yet no one cares
Except for you.

You clearly don’t see
That I’m trying to hide
My insecurities
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Tags: Cutting, Anorexia, Self Harm, Suicidal, Suicide
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self harm


17 Sep, 2014 06:06 PM
I cut myself but it barely hurts the blood is down my wrist. 
The crimson is pooring on the floor and i cant feel my arm anymore. The 

pain is barely there and my mom comes barging in i hide the scissors with a flick of the wrist. 

And throw on a long sleeve so she doesn't 

threaten to send me to a girl school again and my grandma is gone

"it;s all my fault" says my wrist so the job must be done i grab the 

scissors and make sure the blood flows and then i cry of anger and go.
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Tags: Cutting, Crazy
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