Who Did This?

Sabrina Tarasca

30 May, 2014 12:19 AM
You see me doing this,
And you want to meet
The people who are
Doing this to me.
It’s not their fault!
I swear this is true!
Yet no one cares
Except for you.

You clearly don’t see
That I’m trying to hide
My insecurities
By cutting my thighs.
Starving myself
Until I’m overly thin,
Most people would see
This as a sin.
I’ve never been comfortable
In my own skin.

Been bullied more than once
Since I was a young kid.
Everyone hates me!
I know this is true!
That’s why I do this!
So why does it all affect you?
You’ve been through the same,
I know this is true.
So I want to know:
Who did this to you?
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breanna says:
19 Dec, 2015 01:38 AM

I love this dark site I can relate to a lot of these poems

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