The razor is the only one who cares

kendra tinch

29 Sep, 2014 04:52 PM
The razor is my only hope
The razor is my only friend
The razor is the only one who has been there for me until the end
Even the voices in my head agree that I'm alone
So here I write this poem to let everyone know
I'm done with life, I'm done with the pain
Now no one will hurt me every again

I remember the time when I didn't even know that the razor was there
A time when for once others were there
But once they realized what I am instantly I was left alone
In each and every cut I feel my self slip away
No one notices that I'm so far away
But here tonight I wont just make a scratch 
It all ends here this is the end of my path
Goodbye all my pain goodbye all my sorrow
Goodbye today and goodbye tomorrow
Tags: Cutting, Hurt, Pain
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