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Help me


04 Aug, 2011 09:08 PM
I am just a teenage girl
Who wishes to be away from the world
I cry all night
Seem fine all day
But when I'm alone
My feelings sway
Do I want to die?
Can I go on?
I have been suffering for so long
If I die, my family would be mad and sad
They do not understand
That I am tired of being me
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Tags: Sad, Cutting
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She Finds A Knife


28 Jan, 2014 08:59 PM
She finds a knife,
Cuts real deep.
Doesn't understand,
The life she could keep.

She feels trapped,
Inside her mind.
In misery
She tries to find.

She tried for peace,
Tried for love
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Tags: Cutting, Suicide, Sad, Hate, Pain
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A cut to deep


07 Mar, 2017 01:20 AM
She never cries, just stares blankly 
Alone in her room, with music playing 
She craves his touch, the feeling’s to much
She grips the blade, her skin starts to fade
A cut to deep could end the pain
That’s the only thing that’s keeps her sane.

Blood drips from her body as she sighs in relief 
The mess on the floor are signs of a thief
Depression and anxiety has settled in  
She fights a battle she thinks she can’t win
Despite the pain she keeps on smiling
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Tags: Self Harm, Cutting, Self Hate, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Alone
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05 Feb, 2012 01:28 PM
That's it.
I'm done.
Tired of the fighting.
The crying.
The screams.
The tears.
But most importantly, the fears.

I cry, cut ,scream.
Thoughts of those who caused this to happen.
Of those who force me to cover my arms.
To wipe away the blood.
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Tags: Suicide, Cutting, Emo, Tears, Sadness
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inseCURE-They Lied


23 Aug, 2012 08:20 AM
Insecurity has no cure so why spell it out?
Why make up lies just because you're in doubt?
Bullied for anything you wish
I hold tightly to my razor blade 
I can deal with this.

Smashing the mirrors cause I hate what I see
My razor blade should fix everything
The coolness of it against my pallid flesh
Crimson blood of a new wound. Fresh.

Tears stained against my skin
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Tags: Depressed, Emo, Alone, Hate, Cutting, Sad
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The End Is Near


02 Aug, 2015 05:22 PM
The end is near,
For my fellow friend,
For he shall soon,
Be bleeding bad,

As the demons stalk him,
Under the moonlight,
He is strong now,
But his strength will fade,
As soon as he finds the right blade,
He will cut, and cut again,
Wailing for the pain to end,
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Tags: Depression, Cutting, Suicide
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Jordan Border

18 Sep, 2014 04:12 AM
two, three, four,
here I sit on the floor
You laugh and walk away
Not knowing today's the day
That I leave you all in dust
And take the knife lined with rust
I start out thin and go so slow
Tonight the blood will stain the snow
And I'll leave all to face the sun
Now tomorrow your sins will weigh a ton 
goodnight cruel life
Out of my hand now slips the knife
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Tags: Emo, Cutting, Death
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Acid Tears & Crimson Blood

Gabrielle Dunnell

08 Feb, 2012 04:57 PM
I cry,
and it hurts,
like acid streaming down my face,
tattooing the trails,
as they flow down my cheeks,
and drip from my chin.

The knife stings,
as i slice deep into my arm,
I smile,
and the blood runs warm,
then I go numb.
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Tags: Cutting, Suicide, Sad, Hurt, Death, Sadness
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Who Did This?

Sabrina Tarasca

30 May, 2014 12:19 AM
You see me doing this,
And you want to meet
The people who are
Doing this to me.
It’s not their fault!
I swear this is true!
Yet no one cares
Except for you.

You clearly don’t see
That I’m trying to hide
My insecurities
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Tags: Cutting, Anorexia, Self Harm, Suicidal, Suicide
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Girl in the MIrror


23 Feb, 2013 03:25 AM
There's a girl in the mirror
She's always staring back 
Her arms are stained red
And her eyes are painted black

In her hand she holds a blade
In the other she holds a key
It is a key to my chains
This girl has a hold on me 

Sometimes I borrow her blade
For all the pain ; I bleed
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Tags: Sad, Lonely, Alone, Cutting, Sorrow
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