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self harm


17 Sep, 2014 06:06 PM
I cut myself but it barely hurts the blood is down my wrist. 
The crimson is pooring on the floor and i cant feel my arm anymore. The 

pain is barely there and my mom comes barging in i hide the scissors with a flick of the wrist. 

And throw on a long sleeve so she doesn't 

threaten to send me to a girl school again and my grandma is gone

"it;s all my fault" says my wrist so the job must be done i grab the 

scissors and make sure the blood flows and then i cry of anger and go.
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Tags: Cutting, Crazy
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The Day She Thought it Was Over


21 Mar, 2014 04:12 PM
I grasp the rope and tie a noose.
I fill my palms up with my sorrow, with death in mind.
These that overflow my mind.
With death in mind and pain to hide; I just can't take it anymore.

A note I'm thinking with these thoughts in mind. 
Should I tell them I just want to die, 
or should I just go and hide the pain; they wouldn't care either way.
I take the paper and a pen, and soon the page is filled within.

Dear whoever cares,
It's me your classmate, that sits behind you in science,
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Tags: Death, Suicide, Cutting, Noose, Note, Sad, Loss, Bullied
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She Finds A Knife


28 Jan, 2014 08:59 PM
She finds a knife,
Cuts real deep.
Doesn't understand,
The life she could keep.

She feels trapped,
Inside her mind.
In misery
She tries to find.

She tried for peace,
Tried for love
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Tags: Cutting, Suicide, Sad, Hate, Pain
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I Am A Mess.

Faith Emily

11 Mar, 2013 07:33 PM
Your touch lingers 
On the hollow base of my throat
The finger marks 
Fading into my neck to become 
A part of me. 

Your hands
Roughness upon my smooth skin
That you tainted with bruises
And kissed with your unfair and
All too forceful lips.
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Tags: Depression, Thoughts, Memories, Misery, Loneliness, Broken, Bleed, Cutting, Cry, Abuse
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27 Feb, 2013 04:15 AM
They don't notice
the constant struggle I have
I try and try to hide the monster in me
and truth is I need to be saved

I put up a wall and
block everyone out,
everyone that cares

They ask what's wrong
I say nothing 
because they will never
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Tags: Cutting, Depressed
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Girl in the MIrror


23 Feb, 2013 03:25 AM
There's a girl in the mirror
She's always staring back 
Her arms are stained red
And her eyes are painted black

In her hand she holds a blade
In the other she holds a key
It is a key to my chains
This girl has a hold on me 

Sometimes I borrow her blade
For all the pain ; I bleed
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Tags: Sad, Lonely, Alone, Cutting, Sorrow
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Forbidden Friend

eli friend

11 Nov, 2012 01:21 PM
I have a friend an he is forbidden
because unlike all my other friends he hurts me
he has no heart
he has no soul

he is cold all the way through
he cuts me all over an brings pain to my body
he watches my crimson blood fall from my arm an to the floor 

people do not like him 
and that is why he is forbidden 
I call him my friend because he take the pain away an the feeling of doom that is in my heart an soul
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Tags: Cutting, Friend, Alone, Blood, Sad, Lost, Pain
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30 Oct, 2012 03:30 PM
I bandage my arm.
So clean and pure.
Just like my soul, 
some years before.

Now I self-harm.
It makes me feel good.
They tell me to stop, 
I don't know if I should.

I could cry tears, 
but they all dried away.
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Tags: Suicidal, Broken, Lost Love, Self-harm, Cutting, Sad, Depressed
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inseCURE-They Lied


23 Aug, 2012 08:20 AM
Insecurity has no cure so why spell it out?
Why make up lies just because you're in doubt?
Bullied for anything you wish
I hold tightly to my razor blade 
I can deal with this.

Smashing the mirrors cause I hate what I see
My razor blade should fix everything
The coolness of it against my pallid flesh
Crimson blood of a new wound. Fresh.

Tears stained against my skin
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Tags: Depressed, Emo, Alone, Hate, Cutting, Sad
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Acid Tears & Crimson Blood

Gabrielle Dunnell

08 Feb, 2012 05:04 PM
I cry,
and it hurts,
like acid streaming down my face,
tattooing the trails,
ad they flow down my face,
and drip from my chin.

The knife stings,
as I slice deep into my arm,
I smile,
and the blood runs warm,
then I go numb.
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Tags: Suicide, Cutting, Lost, Hurt, Sad
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