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About Me: i am a cutter i am not going to lie i find confert in the pain frome my forbidden friend i love to write poems about how i feel so some peopke can understand but most people that see me call me crazy but they don't know the pain that is traped insidet the only ones that do are the ones like me they know that pain an the feeling of doom that is inside of me. the things beside the cutting i like to do is hang out with friends that make me feel loved an make me feel like someobe really cares i am a person who cares about a lot of people an who lissions to them when they need help i talk on the phone all night to save soneone i barly know because i am someone who can help u feel like a person agen because i know what is like to feel that pain an the feeling of doon so if u ever need to talk i kbow u don't know me but u can always talk to me an give me a call my number is 605+461-1826 i am some that will lission to u when u need to talk ny friends say i have a heart of gold because i help so meany people out an because i care even if i don't know you that well to thows who jeed it here is a hig hold u close an never let go an lett u know that there is someone out there who cares about you even though he mite not know you an you him he still cares for you i promies you that :)
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