The Day She Thought it Was Over


21 Mar, 2014 04:12 PM
I grasp the rope and tie a noose.
I fill my palms up with my sorrow, with death in mind.
These that overflow my mind.
With death in mind and pain to hide; I just can't take it anymore.

A note I'm thinking with these thoughts in mind. 
Should I tell them I just want to die, 
or should I just go and hide the pain; they wouldn't care either way.
I take the paper and a pen, and soon the page is filled within.

Dear whoever cares,
It's me your classmate, that sits behind you in science, 
It's me your relative that hides away on those family days.
Well I'm gone now and there's nothing you can say.
I've hid my emotions way too long to stay any longer in this summer haze.
I'm sorry not sorry for the ones that really cared.
If you cared so much you wouldn't have me through all this hell. 
Goodbye my love and within. All I wanted was for peace to mend.
Your only,
Kelly Nicole 

She laid the note upon her bed; then took the noose around her head.
She felt the pain only a little. She looked at the scars that had remained, 
and she thought they had almost popped open.
She closed her eyes and stepped off the chair.
Her body turned purple and soon she disappeared into the night.

Her family was devastated and her classmates felt sorry.
but little did they know they were years too late, from upon the hate.
She gone now and forever, but she still has hell to look forward to. 
Just because she's gone and thought that it was over,
it wasn't because her spirited hasn't suffered......Yet!
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solage says:
10 Dec, 2014 05:39 PM

this is a very deep creation of every emotion all together....except for the part it is indeed very sad but i loved! I really did.

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