I Am A Mess.

Faith Emily

11 Mar, 2013 07:33 PM
Your touch lingers 
On the hollow base of my throat
The finger marks 
Fading into my neck to become 
A part of me. 

Your hands
Roughness upon my smooth skin
That you tainted with bruises
And kissed with your unfair and
All too forceful lips. 

And my mouth never opened
I never screamed for fear of what
You might do to not only me but
My mother and sister 
As well.

And for so many years I could never
Never tell anyone about the nights
You would batter my body
And leave me to silently weep
And break apart.

And I would act strong every single day
Just so that nobody would know
That underneath my clothes
I felt like a monster 
In ten different shades of black.

This is what I think about
When I am digging the razor sharp tip
Into my skin
And bleeding out onto the white carpet
That I swore I'd never sit on again.

This is what I think about
When I lay in bed at night
My body still
And yet still bleeding
Inside and out.

If only you could see
The mess you made out of me.
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