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What's on My Mind


16 Dec, 2018 05:40 PM
Nights like this, I just want to walk away
Loathe some more to make our memories fade
'Might regret all the decisions I made
But not how I left for my heart to aid

I use anyone just so I could forget
But, none of them can replace you so don't fret
Why can't I forget about you? What the heck?
Should I kill myself by jumping down the deck?

I let you enter my life so easily
As easily as making me feel shitty
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Tags: Depressing, Sad Poem, Friendship
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01 Jun, 2017 04:43 PM
she dug the blade into her skin
lost was all but the love within
the passion between two lovers so dear
would soon be nothing but hidden by fear

to this day the blood still stains
pouring down like velvet rains
take an angel away
and leave the sinner who swore he'd stay

so gone is as gone does
i love that girl for who she was
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Tags: Depressing, Sad, Selfharm, Suicide, Dark
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Its A Fire

Shaylee Belyea

26 Jan, 2015 10:40 PM
It always hurts;
tears burning these eyes.
Its like the devil feeding me;
all these dirty lies. 

He loves watching me writhe;
in unbearable pain.
Rip my heart and hair out;
im past the point of insane. 

Screaming and crying;
at the top of my lungs.
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Tags: Depression, Sadness, Family, Rape
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I love you.


05 Nov, 2014 06:21 PM
Verse 1:
He ran to her
He kissed her
They were together
They were together
I could see him from a mile away
That was the first time I saw him smile today

Pre-chorus 1:
And he doesn't realize
Why the tears fall from my eyes
She pulled him away from me
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Tags: Lonely, Love, Rejection, Depressing, Lies, Tears, Breakup, Unloved
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just let me be free grandma


10 Aug, 2013 08:31 PM
now im here because of you
with tears and scars
most of all the pain
watch me as I drown in deep sorrow

i try to reach my goal 
"you can never make it" you say
well one is to make you happy what i do turns out wrong
why cant you see this for once?

your right by the way
im a failure
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Tags: Sad, Hate, Sad Poems, Fear, Free, Giving Up, Depressing, Dead, Forgotten
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Trusting Embrace


16 Jul, 2011 07:15 PM
I reach out for your trusting embrace,
Smooth as silk soft as lace,
Yes it seems the harder that I try,
You back away and I start to cry,
The warmth I crave is replaced with a bitter cold,
But i can't complain I wont get bold...
At least give me a trusting embrace I'll never forget,
A final one so calm me down so I wont be so upset,
I try to find comfort here
some where close and some where near,
But when your the only one I want,
Every one else is here, and it taunts.
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Tags: Love, Heartbroken, Trusting, Embrace, Warmth, Cold, Sadness, Depressing
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Im sorry


16 Jul, 2011 07:09 PM
It started out small,
I didn't want it to escalate,
Sadly it did,
One small thing hurt,
But people just pushed me farther,
More and more things piled on top of the small pain,
But I suppose, every thing needs a beginning
And now I'm here again, where I tried to escape.
Again I'm in pain...I've failed myself.
it hurts, I'm sorry...
I lied, i am crying, and I told you I wouldn't...
I hurt you, I deserve this.
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Tags: Sorry, Apologies, Regret, Depressing, Sad
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The gun of life


18 Jun, 2011 04:24 AM
As I pick up this knife and this gun 
And walk into my dark room, I know you feel no guilt, for what you've done
I put the blade to my wrist, and pull it through my veins
As I do, I feel something warm run down my arms
So as I look down I see the dark red blood going down my arms
My eyes start to water, and tears roll down my face,
N Sync with my blood 
As i start to feel no pain, I slowly pick up the gun
I put the end into my mouth, feeling the cold steel upon my tongue
As i feel the cold steel, i put finger on the trigger	
Before I pull the trigger, i look down at your picture 
As i look down i know you will not feel no guilt, nor pain
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Tags: Death, Depressing
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Teardrops Of Blood


15 Jun, 2011 05:24 PM
When I'm crying 
I am dying
When i sleep
I weep
When I'm awake
I am fake
When i bleed
I bleed fake blood
When i love 
I hate 
When I'm early 
I'm late
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Tags: Angry, Depressing, Sad
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Waste Away

Colin Brody

24 Feb, 2010 12:52 AM
I've seen days when nothing comes out right
I'm not saying you should call my name
Just give me warmth, stay alone with me tonight
I've got nothing left to use in this life
And I'm just dying to see the end of it all

I can't help wanting to give up and cry
I want to curse and scream till my lungs give
Stumble over this stone-filled road and die
Because there's nothing left in this life
And I'm tired of pretending to live
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Tags: Depressing, Sad
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