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About Me: stressed and depressed. follow me on And I just got a tumblr so follow my blog! (although I haven't posted much yet...)
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It's allright, to both of you. Don't hurt yourselves. Because it gets worse. A lot worse. You only know she's the one if she loves you as much as you love her, maybe even more. :) You guys should talk to me
Thank you so much (: ~Madeline
This is beautiful! It flows so perfectly as a poem and the words have a strong meaning. It's poems like these that keep poetry going. I wish I could write something amazing like this!! Stay strong and keep writing! ~Madeline
I'm tearing up this is so beautiful! I love this so much! It's the perfect poem, and idk it's just amazing! Keep writing :* ~Madeline
OMG I love this!! It's beautiful (: I wish I could write poetry like this!! Keep writing! ~Madeline


Total Submissions: 8
Quote: You make it so I can't ever get u...
Quote: Screaming, shouting crying cover u...
Quote: I close my eyes, Cover my ears, I...
Poem: I love you.
Story: No Mama, we can't leave!
Poem: Please dont leave
Story: Leslie
Story: I just didn't know.