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First love

Gage Picard

15 Jan, 2015 11:57 PM

well to start, I've seen some of the stories posted, and this may not be a great one but i want to share it. it was the start of school in September 2012, i remember it like it was yesterday. my first class of the semester and year in grade nine was my gym class. my school is small so their is a grade 7/8 split also, which is where i attended for grade 8. when i walked into the gym i saw some familiar faces, but their were also about twenty new kids also. i took a quick glance like i always do with new people and did not pay very much attention. But i decided to look up into the bleachers on the second last row i saw two girls, one with a pink sweater and long brown hair, and then a shorter, blonde haired girl. she was so beautiful and ill never forget the feeling when i first saw her, i never believed in love at first sight or at such a young age, but with her i never felt this way, i knew that she was the one for me. throughout the first few weeks i noticed her staring and smiling at me, so eventually i decided to confront her and we just hit it off, we added each other on facebook and started talking for days everyday. i never had internet at my house, i would go to my cousins everyday just so i could speak with her and smile. i asked her out on September 15th, i still have no forgotten the day. it was a great first month, we talked everyday, spent our school days together and i was just always happy. but a couple months in she left me for a guy named anthony, when i found out i was devastated. i felt like i was just never good enough, i shut my self off for a couple weeks, it was hard to speak to her again. i eventually got over this and we became friends.

After Christmas i got a text from her, she said her and her bf had just recently broken up. i asked why and she said its because i realized i have loved you since the day i saw you, and im just not happy with him anymore and i want you. i was ecstatic by this and i asked her out again in my music class. She was my first kiss, its something ill never forget either. we were doing so well with each other, i spent all my time with her, after school i would just talk with you her all day until she went to bed. i would say goodnight and good morning every day, but then on our fourth month she asked me to take her virginity. i was surprised because we had not talked about this at all, and i thought something was weird because she was not that type of person but i said i would like to lose mine to you too. it happened a year later though so we waited a while, but we began to fight. i talk to a lot of females, that's most of my friends and she would get jealous and angry at me a lot and would try to make me jealous at times too. we got into such a bad fight one day she had told me that i should kill myself and she wished she never dated me again. i cried all night because of this, but i was so in love with her i wanted to fix things and eventually we did. but my friends told me i was changing, i was becoming an angry person, i snapped at everything, i would stop making jokes like i usually did, i broke my phone and almost hurt my friend with it... it was like this for awhile, she just took total control over me and she knew i would never leave her. i left her one day though, i showed her i wanted a relationship where it was equal and i knew she loved me and not used me, we were apart for a couple weeks and then we fixed things yet again.

We were very happy after this but we were scared for the summer, her parents did not want to meet me so she was not allowed to come see me or me go see her. But in august during the summer i made a public Facebook post saying how much i loved her, how happy i was and that i thought we would be together for ever. Her mom teared up reading it so i messaged her and i was finally able to go see her, it was one of the best days ever for me. one day when we were together, she told me why she wanted me to take her virginity,when she was with her ex he molested her a lot and was planning on doing more than touching, i broke down when i heard this and i was going to kill him the next day i saw him, but she just looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes and told me it's ok, i have you and that's all i need and kissed me. we started seeing each other every weekend, we were so happy until one day her dad quit his job, they were debating on moving to Montreal, it was 10 hours away from me and we were both hoping she would not have to move, but after grade ten they moved. i spent everyday with her, she said we would still be together forever, so i waited until she got internet again. we talked again and i got suspended for getting into a fight with two kids for 14 days right before the march break, so i spent 200$ to go visit her for a month. everything was great but we started fighting a lot, she said we may not make it but i convinced her that we would. but she lost internet again when i left, then a couple months later right when i went to bed i got a message, she was leaving me but she never told me why, i cried all night for two weeks. then when i went on Facebook i saw she was with someone else and i just had a breakdown, my friends would ask me what happened at school and i would just start balling my eyes out. they knew how much i loved her and how hurt i was. she kept messaging me saying it just didn't work, but she still loved me and i could find someone else and it just tore me up. we started talking months later and we got into a nasty fight, after that nothing has ever been the same. she was my first love, i gave everything to her and i do not regret it, i still love her to this day and i dont think that will ever change.

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Matt says:
20 Jan, 2015 03:26 AM

Damn well at least you had a chance to date your crush unlike me I'm still torn up after a fucked up txt she sent me when she had heard I started cutting over her I started because of a bunch of rumors I heard about her being pregnant when she wasn't when I had heard I was heart broken I would look myself in the mirror and told myself I am never going to be good for her I felt like shit I unscrewed a blade from one of my pencil sharpener I slowly dragged the cold blade across my wrist so I won't be thinking about the pain I would create a new pain to forget about the old pain which it did work after a while and I had started to feel better when I learned the rumors were false I remembered when I was texting her and asked if she wanted to be my valentine she said yes I was so godamn happy I thought omfg she said yes i was planning on taking her out to a Valentine's dance at my school was when I was going to ask her out until the next day I noticed something off she completely ignored me during the passing period off 1st period to 2nd period I didn't understand I always walk her i didn't know why but something was wrong after I got home from school at around 6pm was when I got that txt I remember what it said you need to stop saying you love me and this you think those cutting marks are make you look like a bad person sorry I'm trying my best to remember I did remember the txt saying because me and you ain't happening and it never will so gee thanks for being a good friend after that I was fucking pissed I started punching my wall until my fists got numb I was home alone at the time so i grabbed my dads 9 mm from his room I was going to take my life until I got another txt it was from her it said and if you hurt yourself anymore i will report you to the office so after this don't talk or txt me anymore bye that for some reason made me put the gun down I never worked anything out with her and now she's living with her west side gangster douchebag boyfriend I'm still fucked up after that and it's about to be a year since shit hasn't been the same

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Madeline says:
21 Jan, 2015 03:00 AM

It's allright, to both of you. Don't hurt yourselves. Because it gets worse. A lot worse. You only know she's the one if she loves you as much as you love her, maybe even more. :) You guys should talk to me

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Shounak says:
23 Jan, 2015 01:52 PM

I feel very bad for u .... Becoz I know the pain.... Don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened.... I know it's easy to say but hard to do... Try to get over it ... Sometimes we have to sacrifice , may be god has better plans for both of you.... :(

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Asdfh says:
29 Jan, 2015 08:12 AM

Ummm madeline u said talk too me so i wanna ask u something that i love a girl vry much thats at my tution the other girls at tution told me that she is having a bf But her bf fighted with me a lot on facebook and he came to meet me with his friend and said me to keep away from her but i didnt listen to them. So u keep on ralking to her she we look at each others eyes and one day she told me that she fought with that guy(i dont know weather she loved him or not) but the girls said thats her bf then i told her that i love her very much from that day she talk to me she says me hello and good bye when she leaves from the tution but she didnt replied my question do she love me or not

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mbali says:
31 Jan, 2015 08:11 PM


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alex says:
04 Feb, 2015 08:11 PM

It ok least y'all date some of yalls crush's my cruch cheated on me and that I grabbed a knife I was rafe to hurt my self for good but then she was running in the door up yo my room and said stop I love u a lot I neaver mint to hurt u and that I said I can't deal with u cheating on me and we stop talking I was torn up to than my mom last me now I live with my step mom and dad

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vagishasharma says:
17 Mar, 2015 04:38 PM

i feel bad not for uh but for d grl who left uh,a kind of person who loved her nd would have done nythng to be with her. She went away leaving uh behind with that broken heart of urs but still that broken hert would remind uh that u loved her nd willl always do. It will tell uh dat uh once met a grl nd loved her to d core.

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samari says:
02 Apr, 2015 09:26 AM

Wow dix is srious, first I cn spk as ur brothr finaly nic and wndful bro, so I hop and pry for u GOD wil giv u most spl and lovly. Pry hard ok? +08066222017

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tehman says:
21 Apr, 2015 05:41 PM

I'm sorry man, I know how it must feel but you did nothing wrong.. She left you for someone else yet again and I know these aren't the words you want to hear but from what I'm hearing, you would be better off without her. You will find someone

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maya says:
27 Apr, 2015 08:15 PM

Even i loved a guy very much..... i want him. Very desparate for him. I knw he loves me too but situations dont fit. He did support me wen i tried making things good lyk making my parents agree to get us married. Dan i got married to another guy against my wishs . But stil i was in contact wid u so dat i cud make u move forwardin ur lyf .... bt wat u did u backstabed me . I never cud believe u cud hav done this ..... wat u think im happy no im living a horrible lyf . My husband has made my lyf devastating ..... i need uim readyto forgive u for everything coz i love u irfan nadaf really ...... if we never get back my last wish for lyf is to talk to u for 1 last tym ...... plzzzzzz

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Marcia says:
17 Aug, 2015 05:33 AM

Truly touching. Having to trust & love somebody so much that you came to lose can be heart breaking. But it doesn't matter what makes you cry is important, but what makes you smile again. Cheers!

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Joana Vaquez says:
23 Oct, 2015 10:49 PM

I'm literally cry, cause everyone, including young children would have thsi kind of bad moment.. even memories. I would be cry for her, have a conections with her if I was you, cause nothing would stop you from taking your love for her. Just keep dreaming to be with her, and you'll see that everything would be back to normal.

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Justthat says:
17 Dec, 2015 01:02 PM

Its because of the distance, move on. Just try to look yourself in the mirror. Your a nice guy . And the girl who will be with u is very lucky. Your crush will realize about it, its her lost. Not yours. She will realize how lucky she was when she's with u. So dont worry. And if she want to work out on the relationship again. Man... just think about it. She broke u twice already.

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