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Thanks everyone for your wonderful advices, cares and sympathies.. Id like to answer some questions that ppl have asked. Firstly i never left her or broke up with her! It was a break up of mutual consent bcoz im studying miles away from her nd so it was a long distance relationship which we thought wasn't working, anyways it didn't change the care and friendship we had. And the reason that i couldn't help her was that im miles Away and she stopped picking up my calls and she had parochial relatives unlike her father who didn't allowed her to
Yeah and virginity sucks too.. Go find a mate khaleefa. Of ur 21 and still virgin then ur a big loser. Nothing to be pride of.
I don't even wanna read the full story after reading ur intro.. para. No disrespect but what is it with sex and women. Y do y think of it as a taboo or something to wait for and have it with one and only love .. This kinda thinking sucks and who ever think this way are always miserable with themselves and frustrated with ur godforsaken unsexual lifestyle. Just think of sex as a body's need like thirst and enjoy it with whomever u find sexy with precautions ofcourse.... U narrow minded girls behave as if i have a treasure
Yeah your right.but girls must object these family boundaries and religious beliefs and fight for their rights coz u only got to live once!!
All is over now.. I did what i can.. but now her father is dead and she is not even picking up my call, she doesnt go out! She dont wanna face the world.. Its like she has taken for granted that her life is all fu..ed! im pissed off myself!!