Please dont leave


04 Nov, 2014 05:53 PM
Verse 1:
Your hangin off the cliff of life
and I'm trying to pull you up
I'm pulling with all my might
But your ready to give up

Pre chorus 1:
You won't believe me ever
That it'll all fall together
I'm tellin you just wait and see
Stay in the world me

Chorus 1:
It'll all be okay 
No need to be afraid
There's all the reasons in the world to be
And I need you
So just stay here with me

Verse 2:
You pick up the knife
and soon blood's spilling out
You know I'm tryin to save your life
And we'll all figure this out

Pre chorus 2:
Tell me everything I'll listen
I wanna cure you of your depression
I'm helping you just wait and see
Just stay in the world with me

Chorus 2:
Just don't go away
I need you no matter what you say
There's all the reasons in the world to be
I need you
so just stay here with me 

Honey you're my best friend
You know you tell me everything
I won't let you endEverything is worth it
Believe me when I tell you this

It'll all be okay
You'll love living life someday
There's all the people that'd love to see
you so stay here with me 
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Madeline says:
06 Dec, 2014 07:36 AM

This is actually a song, but I couldn't decide if I should put it in story, or poem, so I put it in poem! (: ~Madeline

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andy says:
24 Mar, 2015 09:41 PM

Beautiful ;)

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