until we meet another day


19 Jan, 2012 06:05 PM
Your body is gone, it went away
So still and calm, on that day
You looked so beautiful, with that warm, soft smile
Too bad you couldn't stay with me awhile

I remember the good, I remember the bad
But all the way through, it's you I always had
Through thick and thin, wear and tear
But now you'll be with me only in my prayer

It came too soon, it came too fast
How much time is in the future and gone in the past
It seems you're gone forever, gone for good
But you'll always love me, you promised you would

So even though I cry, even though I sob
I know in the bottom of my heart, 
  you'll continue your job

To look after me the way no one else can
From the moment it ended from the moment it began

''I'll be there.'' You whispered, 
 I was too young to understand
Only now do I realize, as I hold your cold hand
I never really got what made you go on
Now I see the simple plan you had once drawn:

To love me and hold me, keep me from danger
Your only fear is I would be a loveless stranger
But it couldn't be farther from the truth right now
For that to happen to you, I couldn't allow

We'll be together again, that's for sure
For my heart, that is the only known cure
All I can do now is cherish the old time
When you and I were the perfect crime

That's the only reason why I can get through it
Because even for death, we would never split
So even though I wish you were here with me
It's time to lay you down, Mommy, and set you free
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greesy20 says:
23 Nov, 2012 01:45 AM

one of my favorite poems..

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Bailey Gibson says:
27 Nov, 2012 12:36 AM

An great poem, my favorite so far.

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epiphanie ivora says:
30 Nov, 2012 04:51 PM

it a very good story i like it

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01 Dec, 2012 04:09 PM

Itz very emotional poem,God knows better why the tears fall down in my eyes,I like this poem i wana to read it every day.

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anne healy says:
13 Dec, 2012 11:09 PM

heartbreaking but beautiful,didnt know there was someone out there that felt the same wat as me everyday since i lost my one true friend my mother. thank you.

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hira132 says:
14 Dec, 2012 09:35 PM


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aurora says:
24 Dec, 2012 06:46 PM


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Hussain Hashmi says:
31 Dec, 2012 08:13 PM

It's very nice

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