Lost and Found


01 Oct, 2014 10:50 PM
There was a girl who never knew life,
who solved her problems using a knife.
wasted feelings, wasted tears;
the life she had, was all she feared.

Not a second not a minute, not a day goes by,
where that girl doesn't break down and cry.
Eyes so innocent tears soft,
she wiped them away figured she had enough.

Til' one day she met a boy,
who gave her happiness and joy.
He helped her, he loved her, he lent out his hand,
she trusted him cos' she knew he'll understand.

She told me she loved him so,
and they promised each other to never let go.
She told me they were meant to be,
I know this because that girl is ME!
Tags: Love, Pain
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alejandra says:
06 Jan, 2015 03:24 AM

so sad

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