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My Amnesia Girl


11 Sep, 2018 12:24 PM
the past...the memories..all gone 
with the blink of her eyes..i can see nothing but darkness...'s all there.. could it be..
everything that has been built..
framed with laughter and tears..
they.. all disappeared..
too hard...too hard to bear..
so many days..years that's been together..
warmth on my arms..
it's gone..
now...just an innocent love whose trying to put things together..
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Tags: My Amnesia Girl, Forgotten, Lost Love, Fading, Strangers Again, Amnesia
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I Just Don't Know

B. Rabbit

06 Aug, 2015 05:05 AM
I drop anchors
To keep me from being
Swept out into 
The Lonely Sea

But all my chains break
And the tide pulls my craft
The storm clouds roll in
Lightning cracks

All these things
That held me in place
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Tags: Loneliness, Forgotten, Ocean, Ship, Death, Giving Up
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If one day

Maria Melanie Orap

03 Jun, 2015 11:46 PM
If one day your smile disappeared
I'll make sure that I'll still make you smile.

If one day your tears appeared
I'll make sure that I'll kiss them away.

If one day you saw me crying
I'll make sure that I'll hide it from you.

If one day you saw me smiling
I'll make sure that you know its because of you.
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Tags: Love Poem, Love, Forgotten, Sadness, Trust, True Love
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27 Sep, 2014 12:33 AM
Sadness is when everyone around you form
circles and clicks
laugh and smile

Talk about good times that you can't seem to remember
Back in the month of December

It's when you notice that no one notices you
There are groups all around but you're apart from all of them
It's just you

You can't even feel yourself
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Tags: Sad, Sadness, Lost, Loneliness, Lonely, Alone, Suicide, Suicidal, Emptiness
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27 Oct, 2014 03:23 AM
Is it so hard to decipher the poorly encrypted code placed on my face?
"I'm tired" "I'm just tired" "I'm fine, I'm just fucking tired"

Is this so believable that you're left with nothing to inquire? 
Or is there something less forming, some lack of desire? 
The thoughts in my head are swarming, that no one is caring.

I always get left behind, there's just me being lonely and alone.
"It's OK, I'm really fine. It's just hard to sleep when I'm at home."
Just a second glance, it's all that I ask.

I'm at the brink of tears, I need some help before my skin tears.
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Tags: Tired, Alone, Anger, Apart, Pain, Broken, Betrayal, Cry, Cut, Cold, Death, Depression
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I know that it will be my last


03 Oct, 2014 05:56 AM
She smells like the sands of time
And is funny without ever being mean
I know that she's a dime

But I can't stop this feeling
I got my bottle of Jack
Then there's a sudden bleeding
In this abrasive room of black
I create a certain kind of seeing

Maybe I should care
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Tags: Last, Lost, Loneliness, Longing, Letting Go, Leaving, Lie, Death, Depression, Darkness
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Time Forgotten


09 Nov, 2013 07:46 PM
Standing there, as the wind gently whips the hair
Across your damp with tears face, and smudged with black
yet delicately looking eyes, full of sorrow as air
Slowly whispers secrets of the world forward then back

The broken heart, can be heard in the deafening shout,
Of the breeze. Autumn leaves can puncture your ever ending memories wrapped in doubt,
As you picture the trees and the scene where he ran.

The loss reveals what lay deep inside your mind,
Those fractured flashbacks have yet something to show, As you hide them for someone else to find,
In your already crippled mind, you see the bloody snow
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Tags: Forgotten, Love, Trust
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just let me be free grandma


10 Aug, 2013 08:31 PM
now im here because of you
with tears and scars
most of all the pain
watch me as I drown in deep sorrow

i try to reach my goal 
"you can never make it" you say
well one is to make you happy what i do turns out wrong
why cant you see this for once?

your right by the way
im a failure
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Tags: Sad, Hate, Sad Poems, Fear, Free, Giving Up, Depressing, Dead, Forgotten
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I Wonder

Lily Vasilyeva

01 Jun, 2013 12:47 PM
I wonder if it'd be nice to drown?
To feel the burning lack of air inside your throat?
To see yourself as you're slowly flowing down,
Deep to the bottom, you gently, gently float;

I wonder if it'd be nice to jump?
Jump of a building, the wind whipping your hair?
You'd end up looking at the sky, your body slumped,
And still feel the gentle touch of air;

I wonder if it'd be nice to overdose on pills?
Wouldn't it be great to finally leave this place?
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Tags: Forgotten, Love, Death, Suicide, Depression, Darkness, Loneliness, Hope, Hurt
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Bobby Flowers

24 Mar, 2013 06:51 PM

A life where no one even knows you exist,
where everything you've ever known was a lie.

A life where you question whether or not the world you are living in is real, or a figment of your imagination,
where nothing seems familiar,
and you forget where you are,
and you don't know how to get back home.
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Tags: Loneliness, Depression, Despair, Misery, Unloved, Forgotten, Alone, Lost, Emptiness, Sadness
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