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How can I


18 Aug, 2015 06:43 AM
How can i express my feelings from my words,
How can i make you trust on my self,
Dont know how to speak while remaining silent,
How can i explain it to my heart

A bond is bounded to my soul, 
which does always pull me back to you,
Now you tell me how can i stop my soul?

I already told you, my love will never be expressed to you;
how can i put hate's rein on my feelings?
i have to live without you but i even cant sense my life now
how can i return song's of life to a carcass
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Tags: Loneliness, True Love, Broken Trust, Sadness, Heartbroken
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If one day

Maria Melanie Orap

03 Jun, 2015 11:46 PM
If one day your smile disappeared
I'll make sure that I'll still make you smile.

If one day your tears appeared
I'll make sure that I'll kiss them away.

If one day you saw me crying
I'll make sure that I'll hide it from you.

If one day you saw me smiling
I'll make sure that you know its because of you.
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Tags: Love Poem, Love, Forgotten, Sadness, Trust, True Love
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If I Had Someone

austin steiner

06 Dec, 2013 02:31 AM
If I Had Someone
By Austin R. Steiner

If I had someone,
More than a friend,
I would make time,
For you, I will tend.
Love and care,

With all my might,
You stole my heart,
And locked it tight.
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Tags: Sad Love, Depression, Death, True Love
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wasting away

austin steiner

06 Dec, 2013 02:32 AM
Wasting away
By Austin  R. Steiner

As she cries,
Soft, yet clear,
By my grave,
With twinkling tears
She pulled out a knife
When I said no.

Right down low
She took her life.
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Tags: True Love, Depression, Revenge, Forgiveness
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pleasure of love


01 Mar, 2013 04:40 AM
Rivers of my love run deep,
Into the valleys of your heart,

Neither height, nor depth,
Nor mountains too wide,

Could show you,
The depths of my Love,

Way beyond the seas,
Throughout all eternity,
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Tags: True Love, Tears, Love
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Love Or Pain


27 Aug, 2012 07:29 AM
All the time I think of you, 
but the thoughts remain in me...
They provide a crimson hue, 
to almost everything I see...

Why can't you ever be mine, 
when I'm yours completely? 
But my soul is not so divine, 
that you hate me eternally...

I lost all the good traits, 
that you once adored in me...
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Tags: Love, Hurt, Pain, Unloved, Sad, True Love, Sadness
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Love you


25 Feb, 2010 10:42 AM
I remember when we met 
I knew we'd be together
those nights you would sneak over
even in the snowy weather.

That look you gave me 
when you thought something was wrong
those times you used to kiss me
would last so long

you said it was your heart
telling mine you loved me
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Tags: Love, You, True Love
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