My Amnesia Girl


11 Sep, 2018 12:24 PM
the past...the memories..all gone 
with the blink of her eyes..i can see nothing but darkness...'s all there.. could it be..
everything that has been built..
framed with laughter and tears..
they.. all disappeared..
too hard...too hard to bear..
so many days..years that's been together..
warmth on my arms..
it's gone..
now...just an innocent love whose trying to put things together..
hoping for any strings..
images of the past...
that has been blurred..faded..and buried itself..deeper than the deepest ocean..
and I...nothing but an old friend..that's what it should be..
don't try to meddle..
just past through the hurdle..
and see what's next..
I have no choice but to let it be..
time should will..
on any other way..these would be all right...
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