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About Me: I am the owner of a site called Shadows of Mine, an animal mmorpg! Shadows of Mine was based off my feelings, hence the name. I made it dark and mysterious to attract members who love a bit of a darker forum/game. I am a female who loved Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me The Horizon and LinkIn Park... But we cannot forget that my favourite band was evanescence before I listened to any of the above! I hope you'll join my site!
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I find it amazing how people bother posting and sharing their feeings too. You know, this place is beautiful for one thing; we all share our heart-breaking experience with each other. I am so sad to hear this; I am sure that your grandpa rests in peace and is at rest; lets hope that you will never take a pill/rope into your hand again because there are angel watching over us. It may not be god but there sure is something there. If I ever want to talk then I shall send a message; thank you!
An thoughts on this poem? <3
It truly hurts to find that those you love are not there to help you up when you fall. Its true 'the devil was once an angel'. This has made me feel a little better about my life, since we aren't perfect. Many land upon the broken, but many spread their wings and attempt to fly again. I shall try to be my own hero, ignoring all those words that once pierced me. Seeing through those people who are trying to hurt me. I hope to make it through the storm. Thank you
Yes, even though past hurts you, it shouldn't be forgotten because that's what makes us all stronger. I still feel down from time to time and I do wish to fade away but I guess music helps me cope more. I listen to Breaking Benjamin. Their lyrics to their songs mean soo much to me.
This is strong and has powerful meaning. Very drastic... It has really gotten to me. I love it.


Total Submissions: 55
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