Whisper to me through the wind


29 Apr, 2014 08:09 PM
Whisper to me through the wind
As I struggle through the day
Too many times that I have sinned
Just please take me away

My heart echoes the words of pain
With every aching beat and breath
I cry alone in the blinding rain
As I quietly summon death

The hurt becomes deafening
As my heart is ripped and torn
My life is hanging by a string
I carried on, far too long

My life shatters with every day
My fragile heart is too weak
I wish I could throw away
My useless life. As I begin to seek...

....in despair, a blade to keep.
When I surrender one day
And fall into deeper, never ending sleep
Just please take me away
Silently take me away...
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Danny Guzman says:
22 Jan, 2015 04:09 AM

This poem is beyond beautiful and yet sorrowful.

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