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24 Jul, 2017 08:52 PM
I can't cry
I can just try
To forget the pain
To make the rain in my heart fade away.

It's just so fucking hard
When you can't even get mad
At your dumb mistakes
When you couldn't forget her face.

She sounded like a dream
Like a wish that couldn't be real.
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Tags: Love, Young, Pain, Regret, Mad, Girl, Heart, Cry
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Its A Fire

Shaylee Belyea

26 Jan, 2015 10:40 PM
It always hurts;
tears burning these eyes.
Its like the devil feeding me;
all these dirty lies. 

He loves watching me writhe;
in unbearable pain.
Rip my heart and hair out;
im past the point of insane. 

Screaming and crying;
at the top of my lungs.
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Tags: Depression, Sadness, Family, Rape
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11 Jul, 2014 07:36 AM
I'm sorry I hurt you
I'm sorry I cause you the pain I do 
                But do know 
      Most of this was your fault 

            You also hurt me
You made me spend my nights crying, 
      You helped make me cold
Your the reason I can't trust easily

       We had our differences
    But were also so much alike
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Tags: Love, Heart, I'm Sorry, Different
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Whisper to me through the wind


29 Apr, 2014 08:09 PM
Whisper to me through the wind
As I struggle through the day
Too many times that I have sinned
Just please take me away

My heart echoes the words of pain
With every aching beat and breath
I cry alone in the blinding rain
As I quietly summon death

The hurt becomes deafening
As my heart is ripped and torn
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Tags: Silently, Heartbroken, Heart, Death
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For Polina

Ludmila Anisimova

17 Apr, 2014 04:45 PM
You are the only one who brightens up my day
And makes the darkness slowly fade away.
You are that special person who can heal my soul
And says "That's right" when I say "Life is all"

Please, give me a clue,
I can't understand-
Are you faithful and true
Or a fake who pretends?

Please, listen to me,
I'm not lying
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Tags: Friendship, Heart, Life
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I imagine you

sarah lough

11 Feb, 2014 07:20 PM
I can feel your smile
 rest upon my face
 And I can feel the warmth
 and gentleness of your embrace
I can hear your laughter
 it’s music to my ears
 And your voice still whispers to me
 and wipes away my tears
I imagine you
 right here with me
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Tags: Heartbroken, Heart, Apart
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Come Back

Ethanielle Mojares

14 Jun, 2014 07:07 PM
You told me you’ll never leave me
that I was the only person you see,

Remember the memories we shared
all those nights when we actually cared
with every kissed and hug felt right
and to love you with all my might

until now my heart looks for her
her touch, kiss and love I prefer

Why did that night had to happen
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Tags: Break Up, Broken, Heartbroken, Heart, Leaving, Depression, Despair, Pain
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Starr Black

31 Dec, 2013 08:04 AM
You knew you were in water but didn't know how deep
You knew how to swim but forgot how to breath
I swam and I swam in the depth of your eyes 
Ignoring God's truth and listening to lies
Lies be told so sweet to my soul
Drowned by truth I was destined to know
Lie again..your words so sweet and clear
Telling me things I long to hear
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Tags: Soul, Sorrow, Pain, Heart
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William Marsh

04 Aug, 2013 12:03 AM
i thought i was the only treasure,
i did know that you could be 
so heart less then love me again,
u felt into the unknown brain.

only to please a guy but why,
why did you have to say bye 
now i am confused i don't know what to how to do it.
only because i was protecting,
what was not mine.

i will still love you even more
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Tags: Trust, Love, Heart
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Shattered Heart

Jen Eclipse

11 Dec, 2012 10:54 PM
My beating heart starts to shatter.
It crumbles into pieces,
But it still beats.
Each second that passes
The shards are tearing at me apart.

I have tried to put them back together
But every time I try to,
The pieces cut my hand 
And make me bleed
As my heart once did.
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Tags: Heart, Shatter, Break, Glass, Sad, Depressed, Pain, Plague, Bleed
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