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China Doll


18 Nov, 2015 01:49 AM
She is a china doll.
She has a protective shell, but she is fragile and empty.
Broken so easily, trying to fix herself with glue. 
She is a china doll.

She is a china doll.
She puts up a front to keep out the cold.
So weak and unloved that she must protect herself.
She is a china doll.

She is a china doll,
but her paint is chipping.
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Tags: Broken, Fake, Doll, Glass, Lonely
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Shattered Heart

Jen Eclipse

11 Dec, 2012 10:54 PM
My beating heart starts to shatter.
It crumbles into pieces,
But it still beats.
Each second that passes
The shards are tearing at me apart.

I have tried to put them back together
But every time I try to,
The pieces cut my hand 
And make me bleed
As my heart once did.
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Tags: Heart, Shatter, Break, Glass, Sad, Depressed, Pain, Plague, Bleed
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